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I thought I'd revisit an old Fun & Games competition for Christmas. So who's this bearded wonder?

As ever, the winner gets to post the next picture.


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I do believe that is the legend that is John "Wattie" Watson. King of the burn from the stern. I do believe that he made a deal that when he took his first win he would shave that beard off.
And yep, AMR has it. It sort of is MR Tiff Needell, He of 5th Gear and Stand in stig for the Top Gear Christmas episodes. His GP career consists of 2 starts for the Walsall based Ensign team in the early 80's.

Your turn for a pic then A_M_R.
Wondered for years what Tiff's real name was. When I found out it was Timothy I understood why he wanted to be called Tiff :snigger:
Dang thought that clue might give it away but Tegbag youv'e done it and won the jackpot, an all exclusive chance to post the picutre.

It was the 88 year old José Froilán González, the man who drove from 1950 till 1957, Nicknamed 'Fat Head' beacuse of its very round shape, also called the The Pampas Bull and is most famous for scoring Ferraris first win, I suppose we all have him to blame then. :p
No guesses about the identity of our latest contestant?

Here's a hint, his seat was taken over at the end of his only season by a driver with a very famous motor racing name.
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