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i was thinking of getting my head into a good book and felt i would like to do a bit of reading on motorsport, but im wondering what books are out there.

Im looking for something that perhaps takes a view from the drivers side and gives an insight into there lives has a f1 (or for that matter any form of motorsport) driver perhaps an autobiography or something, has Ive already got books more on the history of F1 telling the stories from trackside and with all the stats you could ever want.

I was wondering if any of you have any good recommendation's

Thanks in Advance
I have to say one of the best driver biographys I have read is Jackie Stewarts.

It is written in his open and honest way and allthough quite a chunkey book it's a good read.

Also if you can pick up a copy on e-bay, Graham Hill's "life at the limit" is a good read as well. Sadly it's no longer in print.

As for some general stuff. I can highly recommend two books about Colin Chapman. Wayward Genius and Colin Chapman the man and his cars are both excellent.

If you want a book about general motorsport then I can highly recommend "one good run" the story of Burt Munro. You may have seen the film "the worlds fastest indian" staring Sir Anthony Hopkins well this is the biography of the man he played. It's a brilliant story if you like your two wheels. Take my word for it, it's a cracking read.

That's my thoughts mate.

The life of senna is a good read if you can get yourself past some repetative stuff throughout, good insight into his life and mentality.

Jackie Stewarts is on my bookshelf ready to read, looking forward to that one.

Thanks for the tip on one good run C_A_T. Seen the film it was great and ranks up there in my all time greats.
The Lost Generation by David Tremayne is one of the best books I've read for a while - lots of stuff about their families, their progress through the junior formulae and their lives away from the tracks.

Piers Courage's autobiography is a good one too, interesting insights into the hooray henry types around at that time, and particularly Frank Williams' younger, impecunious existence.
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