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Despite a tough year for him this year, Lewis Hamilton is for me the most exciting driver in f1 still. I believe we are still yet to see the best of Lewis and I look forward to it. The last 2 years has proved that he can win races in spectacular style, and if he isn't winning he is still driving to the limit, like in Monza last year in which he didn't give anyone on that track any sympathy. That was thrilling at times. Who is the most exciting driver ever in the history of f1?
In the history of F1? That's a tough one.

On the current grid I would have to agree with you and say Lewis Hamilton is probably the most exciting of the current crop.
Even more so now that traction control has been banned and slicks are back.

I'd rather see someone sliding the back end around any day than a really "smooth" drive.
on the current grid i would say raikkonen on a good day and especially in the wet. what raikkonen showed in japan that rainy day was just out of this world. jawdropping amazing. who was the most exciting driver ever, i have no idea cos i haven't seen all of them and the circumstances are so different comparing is really difficult anyway, pretty much impossible. i do know the most exciting driver i ever saw was gilles villeneuve. he just threw that car around like it was a dinky toy at times.

i don't understand why so many people think LH won in such a spectacular way. i agree he has been highly entertaining at times but that went both ways, real good driving combined with amazing mistakes. people say that indeed the last few races LH drove his socks off. i am not at all sure, i thought that, especially in monaco, he drove pretty anonymously and was thoroughly mediocre. maybe people compare him to kovy all the time and then say look how great LH does compared to his team mate. not sure if that is a good comparison cos i am not sure the current macca suits kovy's driving style at all. and calling kovy a 'bad' driver in a comparison to LH, the 'great and spectacular' driver, is silly in my view. but that i think does not belong in this thread.

ok, bring on the abuse and the yelling :)
I think to be honest there's a handful of drivers out there who can amaze if the car/conditions are right.

Massa in the final race last season is a good example, Kimi in Japan is another and LH in the Wet at Silverstone last year shows they can all be in a different class at times.

I suppose the question is; Who has been in a different class most times, and honestly, I have no idea. I just know I like watching LH race because the feeling is, if anyone is going to try something stupid/genius it'll be LH all the other drivers IMO calculate the odds in favour of it coming off, LH calculates the odds of it not working and goes for it anyway sometimes! :)

PS. I thought the question was who was the most exciting driver of 2009? whatever other peoples opinions are we have to accept them. :thumbsup:
In terms of total ragged edge driving then I would say that Gilles Villeneuve and Jean Alesi easly stand up as two of the most thrilling drivers to have ever appeared in F1.

Look up Villeneuve V Arnoux and Alesi V Senna on youtube for examples of that.

Of course drivers like Senna, Mansell and Keke Rosberg could also pull off some spectacular driving.

Then there are moments of outstanding brilliance from drivers such as (in my opinion) the greatest over take in F1 history by Mika Hakkinan.

More often than not it's a combination of driver, car and cirumstance that creates the excitement because I am sure that most drivers would prefer to be out front and clear the whole race.
This may not be the popular choice from a British perspective but the one driver who always rises to the top whenever I think "awesome" is Micheal Schumacher. To see him throwing about some of the red wheelie bins he was given in his early time at Ferrari, he was quite incredible.

The way he could find extra speed in car at just the right moment was sublime. He knew when to drive fast, he knew when to be conservative, he knew when to bang wheels and put other drivers under pressure. And he holds the record for the fastest ever race in Italy 2003, wow! It was a shame he never had a really challenging team-mate.

If you think of the most exciting moment in F1 over the last 15 years I bet Schumie figures in most of them, although pretty likely given the way he dominated the sport.
Most exicting Driver ive seen is proberly Alesi.

A guy who always gave it his all no matter how good or bad the machinery. He is proberly the 1 driver i miss from F1 since started watching in 1994. Also he was passionate and wore his heart on his sleve even if it did get him into trouble sometimes. much has I hate to admit it its proberly Hamilton. Weather is from the one extreme of brilliant car control, the abilty to magic some out of nothing or battling to limits to gain one extra place, or the other of unforced errors, forgetting red means stop or cutting chicane's to pass people. He always seems to end up being one to watch during the race. He is one of a very few drivers over the past 5-8 years who can all themsevles a proper racer.
I agree with Fat Bloke. Where Schumacher did dominate long dull afternoons with no action, he also entertained us with moments of jaw dropping brilliance. Hungary 98 comes to mind as well as, for me, China 2006. On awful Bridgestone wets, he took the fight to the Renaults and with some good fortune and consistant incredible laps he took what was to be his last win. A fitting last win if you ask me.
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