Poll Most Dominant F1 Car

Most Dominant F1 Car

  • Mclaren Honda 1988

    Votes: 5 31.3%
  • Williams Honda 1992

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Williams Renault 1996

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Ferrari 2002/04

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Red Bull 2011/13

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Mercedes 2014 - 16

    Votes: 2 12.5%

  • Total voters


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Considering that today is the 1st time since singapore 2015 13 mths ago (but some could say hungary 2015 15 mths ago considering how that freakishly uncompetitive mercedes were in Singapore weekend) that another team was victorious when a Mercedes finishes the race. Wondering what people thought was most dominant car in F1.

Sorry if ive missed any cars pre 1988. Dont have the knowledge
To me, one of the clearest indications of CAR dominance is the number of 1-2 finishes for a team.The only time I can think of where that wouldn't necessarily be true was when Prost and Senna (undeniably the two best drivers at that time) were teamed together.

Using that as the criteria, the Mercedes is clearly the most dominant car.
The 1992 Williams Renault was a spaceship going up against push bikes. In the first race of the year Mansell lapped the whole field. Easily the most dominant F1 car ever.
I voted Ferrari which is probably statistically incorrect, but voted them because I didn't like Schumacher and 'dominance' is a bit of a dirty word in F1. It's frowned upon as being bad for the sport when it shouldn't be. I take back my vote!

I applaud Mercedes, and anyone now and into the future who is able to dominate, good on them. It's interesting that so far, four votes and four different votes. Have others voted with their heart and not their head like me I wonder...

NB: I haven't actually retracted my vote as I don't know who to vote for, but withdraw it in spirit, if that makes sense.
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Can't believe Jim Clark's Lotus 25 isn't on the list. In 1963 over 10 races he scored 7 poles, 7 wins, 1 second and 1 third. In those days, that was utter domination.
Most dominant? Tough to assess.

In figures either the McLaren of 88/89 or Mercedes of 14/15/16, but it is surely easier to get number 2s like Nico Rosberg and Alain Prost (!) to dominate than Patrese or Webber.

If course, the competition is important too. Williams in 1992 had to deal with Senna and Schumacher; Ferrari in 2002 had Montoya and the other Schumacher as chief enemies.

Had the Pirelli tyres post-Silverstone been there at the start, I suspect it'd be the 2013 RBR-Renault. Since they got Patrese to beat Senna, must be the 1992 Williams.
Can't believe Jim Clark's Lotus 25 isn't on the list. In 1963 over 10 races he scored 7 poles, 7 wins, 1 second and 1 third. In those days, that was utter domination.

apologies as i said for anyone pre 1988 ive missed, because i felt best for me to stay clear because id be going off internet articles to choose & not what ive watched either live or thru the classic f1 feature
The McLaren mp4/2 in 1984 would be a decent shot too. 12 wins out of a possible 16 between Prost and Lauda.
Strange really because they always seemed struck by a succession of reliability problems in practice and quali, broken or misfiring engines, exploding turbos etc... but they always seemed to come good on race day.
The most dominant teams in F1 history

I agree with that article. The Ferrari 1961 was clearly the most dominant ever, because it got some guys fighting for the title who normally struggled to get wins.

Although I guess the same would happen if you had put two random drivers in the Mercedes;s from 2014-2016.
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The thing that amazes me about the MP4/4 is its reliability. No mechanical retirements (for Senna) in 1988 was basically unheard of. And with everybody else miles off the pace I must award 88 McLaren with this honor.
At some venues such as Imola Senna and Prost on the front-row were 3.5 seconds quicker than than the car in third... :o

it was only the second GP of the 1988 season and already every other team knew they might as well start concentrating on 1989...
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I've always understood that Honda didn't like it much they lost the 1986 WDC due to Williams not giving Piquet nr 1 driver-status.
I think at the time it wasn' t seen as Honda leaving Williams for McLaren. The controversy back then had more to do with why Honda chose to persist with Lotus rather than Williams despite their comparatively disappointing performance in 1987.

The manner in which Honda annouced the end of their relationship with Williams and the phrasing of their press release ("We no longer need Williams Grand Prix"...) shocked many within the F1 community and created very bad PR for Honda. The ruthless Japanese industrial Goliath leaving the little artisan team that took it to the top in the lurch sort-of-thing... the lateness f the decision also meant it would be too late for Williams to get a factory engine deal for 1988.
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