Monza 2012


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Just some of them :)
Walking from the first chicane down to the Parabolica after the race, that was an unbelievable experience! Sitting Squashed next to some overweight shirtless Sauber fans wasn't quite so LOL
They didnt have the big flag where I was on Saturday/Sunday. I was sat on the start/finish line for Friday Practice and they had it out, but it was literally for like a minute and they wrapped it up again!
I would have done, but by the time I got on the track they were already gone, people were on the track immediately! And I don't think customs would have appreciated me trying to get it through ;)
And trying to get it on various trains, trust me, Monza station after the race was completely full to the brim! It's a good job the train to Milan only takes 10 minutes.......
Would you recommend it? I'm guessing yes.

My dad and I want to go to a GP either next year or in 2014, and we're thinking about either the Italian GP, the German GP or Spa.
Without a doubt. Although having been to both Monza and Spa, It's a VERY tough choice between the both, not been to Germany yet so I couldn't really comment
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