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Being the observant chap I am, I've only just noticed that we've not seen F1 Yorkshire around for a while and the that the Fantasy Cup has gone the way of HRT, Super Aguri, Caterham and Prost.

I always quite enjoyed the cup as a nice little side line to the main fantasy show and would be quite happy to resurrect a mini cup to be run along a similar format for the remainder of the season if there is enough interest.

What I propose is that those who would like to enter the cup register their interest here and applications to take part will close by next Wednesday to enable a first round to be published in the run up to the Canadian GP. Providing there is enough interest there will be a group stage then knock out format.

Note. You must be playing the fantasy league to register.

To register to take part, please reply to this thread with an "I'm in".

Those signed up so far:

1) Dash Racing
2) FB
3) Jez101
4) Rasputinlives
5) Sakari
6) Teabagyokel
7) sushifiesta
8) Jos the Boss
9) wbf1
10) Soccerman17
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Well that's enough for a semi final and a final anyway :D

(I will be in but I will wait until the very end to throw my name in).

I will use the order that people sign up as their entry number then throw those numbers into a random number generator to sort out the groups (or heats depending on entry numbers) and take it from there.

come on everyone sign up.
The good news is we have passed the minimum player threshold I had in mind to make it a viable game so the mini cup will now be going ahead what ever happens. Thank you to those who have signed up thus far.
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