Mexican GP to return

Personally I would have loved to see the track return to the calendar, if it weren't for the fact we already know damn well in advance that would be "updated" (euphemism for "neutered") to the point of bearing little resemblance to the original.
The Peralta would be the frst casualty for starters.
Actually what am talking about, Peralta went a decade ago already didn't it. Champcars drove through a chicane where the old corner's entry used to be...
I've seen that the circuit is gonna be the same except for the peraltada, wich they will join halfway after cutting through the baseball stadium/concert arena which will seat quite a few fans during the race if they are actually sensible with the prices. Spoiler: they won't be sensible with the prices.
Is Azerbaijan not next year as well so 21 races ? Unless something is being dropped I have forgotten about.

Or 22 if the 2nd 'merican GP ever happens.
Well, as the awesome hairpin was removed many years ago (Grand Prix Legends fans will probably know it well), the Peralta was the only decent corner left, so to me this a pointless return. A decent run off ( a few metres of grass and then Tarmac) at a restored Peralta and it just might be worth it.
Sadly, the peraltada is being neutered. There will be a track running through the baseball stadium, and will enter midway through the peraltada, which will now just be an acceleration zone. Mexico City will be crap.
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