McLaren Duet 2015

Who will be to drive McLaren 2015? (choose the duet)

  • Alonso

    Votes: 32 94.1%
  • Button

    Votes: 20 58.8%
  • Magnussen

    Votes: 13 38.2%
  • Vandoorne

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • other

    Votes: 1 2.9%

  • Total voters
there is a board meeting to decide the drivers this week

It would be interesting to hear who went with Ron on his driver line up and who did not
Actually from the various things we have been hearing lately I'm starting to get the impression those continual delays aren't to do with the drivers at all, but whether the sponsorship money each brings compared to how much they're paid... can help Ron Dennis buy the majority shares he requires to become McLaren's sole proprietor.

Is he back from Denmark yet by the way?...:whistle:
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Yeah Alonso and Magnusson because of what's being said - now points won't be the deciding factor on top of Boullier saying Button isn't fast enough. I hope I'm wrong, Button and Alonso would be better and I'd love to see Alonso in a team again without having little bitch as his team mate.
I have to say that if McLaren can't monetize Button's salary (which won't be massive since he was paid a lot less than Lewis) - then they need to have their heads examined.

I mean a Danish driver can't be worth anywhere near a British driver in terms of marketing value. Button is not only British but also a well known persona in Japan. That's a far larger audience than Denmark.

If these guys were competent they would sign Button and Alonso, and make Magnusson a test driver.
I'm wondering how much influence Alonso will have on the choice of driver, either directly or indirectly. Surely when you have a driver who has a history with your team you would want to make it as smooth as possible. While it would be fun to see Button and Alonso in the same team, McLaren must be thinking a true number two would make life so much easier in terms of team management.
last I looked on some source stated Magnussen was paid $1m and Button $16m which is only trumped by Hamilton and Alonso this year although adding endorsements on top Vettel would supersede him in pay

There has not been a mention of offering a pay cut to Button say just offer him $6m to drive. Mclaren have yet to announce a title sponsor who decide whether Button should be in the team.

The driving factor is the money and not getting 4th place in the constructors last race which always a long shot anyway certainly would not have helped

I do wonder how serious Mclaren are about winning the constructors championship because someone should tell Ron they have won it since 1998 !
IMO, what hurts Button is his age. Having an experienced #1 and a young, up and coming #2 is the way because it lets you build for the future but still compete today. If you had to choose between Button and Alonso, its really not even a question that youd choose Alonso.
Unfortunately Button's age is a factor but we are talking about Alonso who maybe the best driver but also very demanding to work with and some Mclaren engineers will remember the stresses of 2007 and don't want that again

The Mclaren guys were all happy when Heikki joined because he was an easygoing guy

I just wonder who else in that Mclaren meeting will agree with Ron to pick Magnussen
If you pick Vandoorne - there is less known about him which might aggravate Alonso even further unless Fernando has done his homework and watched all the GP2 races
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