Poll McLaren driver line-up Who would you fire & hire?

So if SV or FA or both of them end up in Mclaren who would you fire?

  • Fire Jenson hire Seb

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With Seb leaving RB and Alonso leaving Ferrari it is clear now that Mclaren is one of the key options for both drivers.
So if one or both of them end up in Mclaren who would you fire?
The highest rated drivers out of the four are Alonso and Vettel so if I thought the two of them could live with each other in the same team and ignoring any attachment/commitment I felt I had to Magnussen or Button (plus my bank balance), I would put those two in.
Fire Ron - what an over-preening arse.

Hire Nando and keep Jenson. They are both 'old boys' with a wealth of ability who could drag McLaren out of the mire with the help of Honda. Ron will only destroy any move forward that is not from his head - and to be honest his head isn't the most organised or intuitive.
Seems like JB is going out if MClaren are true about planning for 3 years and 5 years and given KMag's age

However I don't think Alonso would like a whippersnapper like KMag challenging him to be honest but Ron might want to bend Honda's arm on that

Have to say Jenson is going unless Honda say something about it
Sorry JB fans but he's had his day. It will be Nando and KMag. The experienced double world champion and a young reasonably fast driver as back up.

it has not been confirmed yet but Alonso could still do a "Prost" and take a sabbatical and come back in 2016 most likely with Mclaren

I agree there is no point having two 30+ drivers but does ALonso have a say who his teammate is or not ? also if Alonso is NO 1 what if K Mag starts beating him because he knows that K Mag will be very aggressive when it comes to wheel to wheel racing
And Alonso? Will he take the Force India seat then? :D

By now it is highly improbable that Hulkenberg will ever end up in a top team. When Raikkonen leaves and Bianchi continues to perform on a similar and with time higher lever than he currently is he will be the Vettels team-mate.

The only solution is to hope that Marussia, Lotus and Caterham maybe even Sauber do not enter next season and the teams set up a third car.
To answer the threads question:

For the sake of suspense as well as publicity I would fire both drivers and hire two of Formula Ones finest, Vettel and Alonso.

The downside could be tension between the two though.
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