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I am actually looking forward to see what he can do ... if he comes in and blows the doors off everyone then that will be a solid dose of excitement itself ... if he just proves to be super quick and competitive ... and Seb V is handled by Chops again next season .... then .... :wave:


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If Max is the new Senna does that make Esteban Ocon Prost? He is beating him in F3 after all.

I'm with siffert_fan on this one. Unlike Felix Da Costa, Sainz has been pretty much spot on all season. Not really sure how much more he could have done so its obvious Red Bull don't fancy him but if thats the case why was he in the junior team 2 years running and being taken to all the Grand Prixs? Thats before you factor in the fact that Gasly and Lynn have hardly has shabby seasons either!

On another subject it looks like Mick Schumacher is on route to F1. Do you think maybe we'll get our first son of team mates who are now team mates scenario?


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Very interesting points raised in an interview with Mika Hakkinen on Radio 5 today. He pointed out that F1 is not a place for a young driver to learn his craft. When you enter the sport you come under a great deal of pressure and there is little time to learn. He said as a result of this, most young drivers last a couple of years before they are, in his words, kicked out of the sport.

I think he's right. As we've seen today, Verstappen can clearly driver the car at a decent enough pace. The touble is, with so little experience, how is his ability to understand how the car works and how much knowledge can he bring to the party in terms of set up and detailed performance analysis ??

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He started steadily, he gradually increased his speed, he was much closer to his team mate than most of the drivers that we have seen in FP1 in the past, he had an engine problem which he notified to his team in a clear way, he did not panic, the team told him to stop so he chose a place where the car could be removed quite quickly. No, he is not yet anything like the GOAT but he has made a sensible start with some promise.


I found this picture of Max I believe it was taken last week just before his seat fitting.



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Whether the fact that he'd already landed an F1 seat meant he took his eye off the ball I don't know but Max V not only missed out on the European F3 title but also got beat into runner up spot by Tom Blomquist.
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