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Well Max Verstappen will race in Formula 1 next year with Toro Rosso, he'll make his debut at the age of 17.

I think it's safe to assume that it be Vergne and not Kyvat making way for him. He's only in his first season of racing cars, he's been driving Go-karts until this year! What do we make of this?

Personally I think he needs a couple more years to develop his racing skills, this could be an F1 career-killer for him, but on the flip-side he might never get this opportunity again.
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His dad had 104 starts in F1 and retired 57 times, finished in the points only 7 times with a highest finish of 3rd, not a great legacy to leave is it...
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I think his father's legacy couldn't be more irrelevant, especially if the teams Jos drove for are looked at. Seems like it is confirmed that JEV is the one who is out. I have to wonder about a driver that young, seems like an enormous amount of pressure in a very unique environment. I was going to sart a thread saying "When is young too young?", I suppose this can meet that too.
5Live reported that JEV has gone, wonder if he will he'll turn at Marussia or Caterham. The boy better get to the gym to make sure he's strong enough.
Kimi I believe also had very few car races before he started in F1, but damn he must be good. Markos must see something in him to bring him up so early........17 years old.
At least he won't start his career in a race-winning car, unlike his dad, and that will probably help a lot.
I feel sad for Vergne, though.
Personally I think 17 is too young! It will create even more pressure on the young man to prove that they didn't bring him up to F1 too soon.

Given that JeV is the better-performing driver this year, I am surprised that they are letting him go.

By the way, are the STR drivers of the "pay" variety?
I'm hearing that JEV will be gone for Spa, and I feel really sorry for him - he has shown reasonable pace, and he did have the most mechanical retirements both this year and last :(.
Vergne had a 6th at Montreal last year and would have had another this year in Monaco if it weren't for a bodged pit stop and dodgy engine. Ricciardo's best was a couple of 7ths...

I'd say he definitely deserves another shot.
Poor JEV. Still love him and think he is class. His performances against Ricciardo just keep looking better and better, and makes you think that the Toro Rosso may have been or even still is pretty shit.

Still think he needs another year, but hey, I'm not the one making these decisions. The kid obviously has some serious talent, as does Ocon.

I just want to know how the other Red Bull Junior drivers feel. All having a great year, especially Sainz who was clearly next in line.
I don't get the impression JEV has gone already. From Franz Tost:

"I would also like to thank Jean-Eric Vergne for all his hard work," added Tost.

"He has produced strong performances, but unfortunately he was also hindered by some reliability problems, especially in the first half of the current season.

"We hope that we have resolved these problems and that he will be able to end the second half of this season on a high note and thereby show that he still deserves another opportunity in Formula 1."
I'm sure Vergne will continue to get Red Bull backing and will turn up in DTM, WTCC or an LMP car some with with Red Bull plastered all over it. Maybe he fancies the US?

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Max isn't even old enough to have a driving licence in his homeland and won't be until he is 18. I wonder if his Dad will have to drive him to the circuit?
I found a car for Max

The Toro Rosso way.

1) Sign young drivers with promise
2) Provide young drivers with average car
3) Expect young drivers to perform wonders
4) Allow speculation that said drivers will be dropped if wonders don't happen
5) Drop driver because wonders didn't happen
6) Look for new drivers - repeat from step 1.

Of course there was one exception to this when Vettel drove for the team but did anyone expect Ricciardo to do anywhere near as well as he has at Red Bull?
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I think that moving him into F1 at age 17 will make people expect him to be a cross between Sir Stirling Moss and Jim Clark, and failure to live up to those expectations could damage his career.
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