Lotus Festival - Snetterton 20th June


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Not sure if there are any Lotus fans on this Forum LOL but I picked this up in another place. Classic Team Lotus have an "event" on the 20th June at Snetterton where the current F1 team and all the drivers will be turning up along with the T127 as well as lots of F1 Lotuses through the years.


I dare anyone to go along with a Mclaren team shirt :snigger:
Sadly I didn't get to go to this great event on account of the fact that we had some motor issues on Saturday that prevented us going anywhere on Sunday. The father in law and I were stripping the rear brakes of my car on Sunday in order that it could get through an MOT on Monday.

To make up for the disappointment though, the wife and I have purchased tickets for Friday practice at Silverstone. It shows you how much they've gone up in price because we paid 50 quid each for the Friday tickets and my Sunday General admission ticket in 1992 cost 45 Quid.

Providing it doesn't rain it actually works out quite well really because we will get to see the cars on track for three hours on the Friday. We won't have to worry about working out who is where and missing overtakes and stuff and we can walk around the whole circuit and watch the cars from any of the open "Fan stands" so we can have a seat and watch them at different points of the track. If we went on Saturday we would only get 2 hours of track time and the same for Sunday plus we'd have to spend most of the time watching the big screens and listening to radio Silverstone to know who is where on the track. We can do that at home, or better still, in the pub.

So, Anyone else going to be there on Friday??
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