Grand Prix 2019 Belgian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion


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I know Albon started on softs but I really though he'd be cutting past at least a few back markers to begin with. Still it was his first race with Red Bull, plus the Toro Rossos were pretty good here. Gasly looked like he was trying to prove something. If only he'd driven like that for Red Bull.


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Not a bad race, it was a good thing for Leclerc that the race ended when it did, another lap and I'm not sure he'd have won.
Good race by Albon for his first one in the Red Bull I would say, I did feel bad for Lando Norris as his car died on him on the last lap, what a shame. He'd held on to 5th for so long and then ended up 11th, therefore out of the points.


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during the first 20 laps of the race IMHO Gasly was driving much better than Albon, I don't know what happened next. Oh and Norris was doing a great job
maybe but you have to be judged over the whole race. like in Germany leclerc was driving brilliantly far better than vettel for 1st 25 laps. albon was on the harder tyre when everyone was stuck behind the haas's

Norris was fantastic. deserved so much more than he got


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reading this interesting article on bbc sport. something i agree with some i dont

"Some people think F1 is too safe & too boring, But I would rather have boring F1 championships forever & bring Anthoine back" i see where Vettel is coming from, we all felt the loss of him in big way last saturday. but i dont want to seem callous but if we have seasons of french gps the sport will die very quickly, because if sport isnt entertaining it wont be watched

but i agreed with the other point from hulkenburg where they are talking about use of asphalt run-off areas. which has been questioned in the days following Hubert's crash, with some arguing that gravel traps would limit the risks drivers are prepared to take & also possibly prevent a car from bouncing back on track after a crash. "Some of it is true, the Tarmac run-off areas do invite us to keep pushing because it doesn't have an immediate consequence,"

because that was my opinion at the time that it was stopping the car bouncing back. is big issue & the "safer" tarmac runoff contributed because a gravel trap at eau rouge saves hubert life
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