Lotus 98T chassis numbers- please help


Firstly, I'm sorry for my English.
My name is Paul and I come from Poland.

I'm still looking for any informations about chassis numbers of Lotus 98t from 1986 (Senna and Dumfries).
I found information that the 98t-3 and 98t-4 were driven by Senna in all races in '86.
Maybe, Someone has information about:
1) how many chassis were built of 98t?
2) which number of chassis was for Dumfries?
2) do you have any informations about others chassis (example: 98t-1, 98t-2)?

Thank you very much for help :)

I don't know if that's any help but the Autocourse 1986/87 annual will have that indormation within the technical review section of the book.
Hi Paul you could try writing a nice email to Lotus, they have an archive department. Which may have race car information.

Failing that you could try contacting Renault F1 at Enstone as they used to be Lotus so may have old records.

I hope that helps.
Image of the entry in Autocourse

Lotus 86.JPG
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