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Any basketball or just general popular culture fans been following the Jeremy Lin rise to fame?

I was on holiday in the US when he first came off the bench and then started his first few games for the New York Knicks and I don't think I've ever seen any player in any professional sport become an overnight sensation in the way that Jeremy Lin has. Fortunately he seems to have a very good head on his shoulders so is handling it well and deservedly so.

Two side aspects I like about his story is a basketball analyst not too disimilar from Jonah Hill's character in the film Moneyball, saw his potential whereas many others did not.
Here's his analysis of Lin in 2010:

The other aspect I like is that despite him going undrafted out of Harvard, Nike signed a contract with him in 2010 and eventhough he was dropped from two teams he's now the most marketable player in the NBA.

To Linfinity and beyond.
The media love him over here. New York Knicks tickets have dramatically risen in cost just because of him, not the high paying players that are also on the roster. He went 7-0 to start his Knick career, they lost to the New Jersey Nets the other night (incidentally that was the team the Knicks beat on Lin's first game).

Hopefully he will stay in the spot light and continue to improve. He is also very humble and has a small ego when compared to other players in the league.
Wish I had seen this thread earlier as I have greatly enjoyed the "Linsanity" phenomenon. Things have obviously died down quite a bit as the Knicks went through a rough stretch (losing six in a row) after their "star", Carmelo Anthony came back from injury, but their coach has since resigned (was forced out), and the Knicks have now won four in a row under their new coach.

Lin's game has come back to earth after playing out of his brain for the first couple weeks, but the kid is definitely a nice player that would be welcomed on any team these days.

I'm not a Knicks fan by any means, but I found myself rooting for this guy.

Side Note - Jeremy made a lot of people a ton of money on ebay. Even his regular base cards were fetching crazy prices. Jersey/Autograph cards were through the roof.
Saw him play in person on saturday and he was very impressive. Nothing spectacular but he seemed to be incapable of making mistakes. Also the crowd was very large compared to normal, and very asian-american dominated as well
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