Like spammers

What the **** is it with people like that? They totally devalue the facility. For the record if Fenderman "likes" your post this is my personal criteria. If I "like" your post it will be for one of the following reasons. Your post:
  • Made me laugh:D
  • Told me something new and/or that I didn't know in whole or in part :thinking:
  • Reminded me of something I knew but had forgotten:o
  • Reflected my personal opinion in part or in whole:chuffed:
  • Was well written and argued even if it conflicted or opposed my personal opinion:(
  • Helped to further explain something that I had tried to articulate:yes:
  • *Quoted, acknowledged or referenced one of my posts, qualities, errors, something I said or the fact that Fenderman exists:thankyou:
  • *Acknowledged Rooters News, Rootersports, Rooting Today and WitchHunter General, whether favourably, disparagingly or otherwise.8-)
*Please Note: The appearance of unusual, excessive or uncharacteristically frequent quoting, referencing, acknowledgement of Fenderman stuff will result in the perpetrator being added to a "do not like" list which I will make up if it ever becomes necessary.
There will always be trolls and spammers who have nothing better to do with their lives.

It's a shame that anti-spam measures have to be in place but such is the nature of the internet.

It's a very odd way to troll/spam a site though. Obviously they got frustrated at not being able to post freely (the first five posts are pre-moderated).
Indeed Brogan. My question was rhetorical. It was the prevalence of those "types" on other forums that deterred me from joining forums and social internet networks for so long. Had CTA not shown me that quality sites exist I would probably be one of those old blokes missing out on the whole internet society thing. I do hope that new visitors to CTA and new members appreciate the lengths you and the rest of the team have to go to to protect the integrity and quality of the site. I certainly do.
To forestall the obvious question, I would have deleted the likes but there's no automated process to do so, so it would require a lot of custom SQL queries and rebuilding various caches.

Maybe when I've finished working on the FF1 application with Mike I'll get around to doing it.
Addendum to my earlier post ( ):

Just in case some members wonder why I "like" so few of their posts I also have two other golden rules:
  • I won't get involved in tit for tat arguments so if I "like" a post in the midst of one of those it is because that post is succinctly and precisely to the point.
  • I may actually have liked much of the content of the post but felt that it is spoilt by an off-hand remark, unqualified statement or a comment that demonstrates disrespect for another member or a CTA site rule.
Do not be offended if I don't "like" one of your posts it is not a reflection of bias or prejudice and contrary to how it may sometimes appear I am selective about how I use the facility.
I don't think "trolling" is the right word for it.

Usually the idea of trolling is to get an angry reaction from someone by trying to start a "flame war" or similar, surely clicking the "like" button shouldn't make someone rage?

It's somewhat frivolous, yes, but I don't understand why everyone seems to be making such a fuss.

I'm not trying to offend anyone, I just think that negativity should be avoided wherever possible. :tea:
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