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We've had a little reshuffle of the moderating staff and procedures.

This is in response to all of the problems and issues we've seen lately, specifically related to certain threads.
It also follows on from FB's post here:

The moderators will now be strictly enforcing the site rules and guidelines in an attempt to reduce the amount of arguing, bickering and general unpleasantness which has been increasing of late.
So if you do get pulled up, it will (in most cases) be warranted and they're just doing their job.
If you want to complain about how oppressive the rules are then that would be me or FB you need to speak to.

Each section now has a single moderator - they are clearly listed below the section name.
For the Formula One and Formula Fun sections it's teabagyokel, Speshal is covering Circuit and MCLS is in charge of Paddock.

Please help the moderators in their roles by reporting any posts you feel contravene the site rules and guidelines.
Please do not post on the thread as this is also against the rules and can result in yet more problems as it usually elicits more responses causing the thread to descend into argument.

If you wish to contact a moderator with regards to an issue in a particular section, please ensure you contact the correct one.

If it's a general site issue, FB is the person to speak to as he is both global moderator and administrator.

Unfortunately KekeTheKing and cider_and_toast have apparently got real lives and families so are no longer able to moderate due to a lack of free time.
I'll always be grateful to c_a_t as he was the first moderator and the only one to step up to the plate when I advertised for the role way back in the beginning. And of course it goes without saying that Keke's input is invaluable when it comes to the overtaking data.

Many thanks for everything guys and hopefully you'll both continue to stick around.
As forums grow it's inevitable that the member base and content will change.

It can sometimes be a fine line between allowing people to articulate their thoughts in line with the rules and clamping down on stuff which falls outside them and I would like to think we get it right most of the time.

What we won't do however is censor views and opinions which others may not agree with.

One thing we've never allowed though is foul language, insults or childish comments and behaviour; there are other sites which do allow that if that's the kind of interaction people prefer.
If that policy ultimately limits the site growth and member base then that's fine by me.
Apologies if this has already been discussed before but one thing I'm not too sure about (and something which can potentially become an issue on a site that grows and gets referenced elsewhere) is, who would liable in the event libel issues should arise, the site or posters? Not that I want to come across as a doom-merchant of anything but I remember mods on the old beeb used to get absolutely paranoid about it,
Of course if the moderators do notice any content which really does deserve to be removed then they will either ask the poster to remove it or remove it themselves.

We wouldn't want any members or the site to potentially get in trouble if it can be helped.
Thanks to Keke and C&T, your efforts were very much appreciated.

I believe that the changes are a positive move, well done all.
Thanks for the thanks everyone. I'll still be posting and hope to up my posting levels again when I can. Good luck to those who remain behind the wheel.
Phew. You'll notice that my posts have been few and far between recently. It was starting to smell a bit here. Glad you are taking action.

Thanks to all for your hard work. I can imagine it's been somewhat of a challenge of late but I'm sure you are aware that most of us really value the tasks you undertake and the fairness with which you do so.
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