Knockhill BTCC photos


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mjo the Porsche races were without a doubt the worst of the day. Dull. If people think F1 is dull the obviously haven't watched Porsche racing. LOL
At Austin for the inaugural GP in 2013 ... at the grandstand at the end of the main straight ... the support race pits directly opposite us, and the cars come out onto the track about 300 yards from Turn 12 to head around to the start finish straight to grid up ... the Porsche's all come out ... early around 9 am ... conditions a little misty ... not rain ... but damp ... last guy out of the pits ... gives the go pedal a little tramp .... loses the back end ... spears off the track onto some astroturf ... becomes a semi-guided understeering missile and clatters into the barrier just below us .... about 30 of us that section of that stand burst into laughter ... cue driver with sheepish grin and broken suspension pulling car off track just around turn 12 near a gate that could probably be opened to accept his $15000 mistake back to his pit ...

That was the only excitement ... racing was follow thy leader and predictable ....


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We left visiting the Jim Clark tent until after the racing ended at 5.30pm only to find that they had closed the paddock (a man holding a bit of rope across the road) for 'safety' whilst the teams packed up. Rather disapointed that we wouldn't get to see the cars I guided our party down the side of a lorry, squeezed along the front of the cab, parked tight to the wall, past a van and into the paddock circumventing the nasty man with the rope. Mwaahhhahahaha.

Here are some photos from an empty padock and crowd free Jim Clark tent. :D

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