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Not my cup of cake
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So the Ice Man cometh, will he be a success (Lauda) or a failure (Jones) , or something in between (Mansell). Stick a cross in the box.
Problem with Mansell's comeback was Ron was pressurised by the sponsors who wanted a big name driver

Yes the car was terrible and Mansell was too fat initially and missed two races. Then he came back and had a decent race and would have scored points barring a puncture later on

Then it went horribly wrong in Spain where he was complaining of understeer and oversteer and Nige retired unhappy
A few days later he and Ron agreed to quit but it would have been better he stayed at least to show his commitment
Sad way to end his career.

Hakkinen qualified well in the top 5 but was let down by the engine and gearbox numerous times

I don't see Kimi doing a Nige because he is younger and has more of a point to prove its not money driven. He still has another 5 years left if he wants to have another crack at F1 fully.

Kimi has seen Schumacher adjust finally except for quali. So it should take Kimi quicker as he was out less than Michael

Lauda got himself a good position in Mclaren because of his reputation and Ron convincing him to come back despite being outdriven by Watson. Lauda knew he did not have the speed but had the craft to beat Prost but realised it was too much for him after a herculean effort in 1984. He knew 1985 he did not have much to prove
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