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Additionally squatting on a sling is also a balance training.
Yes, the balance exercise is very helpful for when the officer tells you to spread out your arms, close your eyes and touch your nose.
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For some reason, it seems to me that of the two mentioned Kimi exercises,
you will only be able to repeat the last one :)
Well, I am just trying to figure out if he was doing the javalin throw or the pole vault.


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Not very impressed , it seems so sad to see such a well known person so publicly legless . It makes me wonder if he has an alcohol problem. Which would explain a lot about his erratic driving and monosyllabic interviews.


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i had a interesting chat last night with with 1 of my F1 mates. which got on to kimi raikkonen he is odd sportsman. & all started through this t-shirt. that id found

how a comfortable kimi has been a slow kimi. but as soon as money or his career is at stake the kimi that can beat anyone turns we know turns up. after the recent story that kimi nearly bankrupted lotus as they didnt pay a salary but paid per point & ended paying £19m. 2nd highest on grid. then i started going through his career since at least 2007 when media are against him & he has something to prove. they end up been his best races

2007 - under pressure as replacement for Schumacher. as he not deemed tje correct choice. he wins the title
2009 - he get criticism in that dreadful ferrari. 1 podium in 9 races. then gets 4 consecutive podiums & wins Belgian GP
2012 - people wondering what he is doing back. he cant do well. exceeds all expectations. ferrari rehire him upon that
2018 - but hes told your out at Italian GP. sticks it on pole 24hrs later. wins in America & goes on to outscore vettel by 20pts remainder of the season. scoring his highest f1 points total of his career

on this kimi wouldve bern a multiple world champion on a race by race deal LOL
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