Jenson Button

Arguably the best ever driver in mixed conditions, all his wins at Mclaren have come in those conditions. His last race win in the dry came at the 2009 Turkish GP.

Button is known for his smooth driving style and is normally seen in must races doing one less stop than his rivals for tyres.

Buttons also know to be a bit of a practical joker and will take part in anything fun.

Since his debut in 2000 Button has won the majority of hearts in this country. But what is your favourite JB win?

Mine has to be Hungaroring 2006, in argubly a midfield team and he won the race in those mixed conditions to take his first win. I can remember James Allen been in tears almost and that was the first race Anthony Davidson ever commentated on.


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The 5 second penalty on Wehrlein was BS .. you impede him dangerously in the pit and then am going to impede for the rest of the race :facepalm:just making sure you're 5 seconds ahead of there is no real punishment for Wehrlein

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What an absolute piss-take. Wehrlein tried to drive Button into the barriers in the pitlane, and Button had to get off the throttle, only to be met with a meaningless 5 second penalty.

If the FIA do not want drivers to try to overtake, then they should just race on train-tracks! Or alternatively, just award points at Monaco based on qualifying!

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So have I. What sort of friends are they that, when you spot them whilst on a gentle stroll and invite them to a local hostelry, turn out to have no money with them. A friend in need is a pain in the backside.


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Make it clear next time you offer an invitation to the local hostelry that said invited has money in their pocket ?


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Jenson Button jokingly asked FIA stewards in Monaco to ban him from F1 for life after colliding with Wehrlein. AMuS:

ROFL Doing everything possible to avoid having to drive the McLaren Honda again.


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Just imagine, Alonso and Honda leave. Button comes back in a last minute deal and goes on to win the World title for McLaren Mercedes.


Not as far fetched as one might initially think. I see this scenario though; McLaren and Honda split, McLaren gets the Mercedes engine and Alonso leaves F1 for Indy Cars. Honda decides to buy the right to use Forc India chasis, facilities and staff and they swap engines with theirs. Over winter they find what the issue with the engine was, things look promising, they somehow convince Button to come back, but he does it on one condition; on a race by race basis. If he decides the car is not going anywhere he can quit on the spot. Honda accepts. The new Honda looks fast during testing. People say it's trying to get sponsorship by running empty tanks. They get Nassr to join Button. Australia 2018, qualifying.; Against all odds both Hondas make it to Q3. Button very narrowly wins pole over WRC Vettel with Hamilton coming 3rd and Nasr 4th. Honda is really a threat to the establishment. Over the next 25 races Button, Vettel and Hamilton fight the title. Finally in Brazil, Button prevails in a torrential rain. He's known as the Phoenix from then on. He gets back with Jessie. Everybody is happy.
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