1. olegg


    F3 - LANDO NORRIS IS THE NEW FIA FORMULA 3 EUROPEAN CHAMPION "Lando Norris (Carlin) has done it, the Brit is the new FIA Formula 3 European Champion. For the young talent, who is backed by the McLaren Formula 1 team, second place behind race winner Joel Eriksson (Motopark) was enough to seal the...
  2. teabagyokel

    Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Belgian Grand Prix

    Welcome to Spa... 1. Jos Verstappen is the only Dutchman to get a podium at Spa, in 1994. Who crossed the line first? 2. The best home result in Belgium was Paul Frère who was 2nd in 1956. Which constructor was he driving for? 3. The fastest pole time at Spa's current layout was a...
  3. Greenlantern101

    Caption Competition Alonso works on his tan lines

  4. L

    Jenson Button

    Arguably the best ever driver in mixed conditions, all his wins at Mclaren have come in those conditions. His last race win in the dry came at the 2009 Turkish GP. Button is known for his smooth driving style and is normally seen in must races doing one less stop than his rivals for tyres...
  5. Brogan

    Current McLaren

    Arguably one of the big teams in Formula One but lately they don't seem to be able to get the basics right. Some of their strategy and decisions in the last few years has left more than a few observers scratching their heads. Just a few for starters: Leaving Kimi out on a badly flat-spotted...
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