Jacques Villeneuve's Race at Road America


I doubt many people saw Jacques performance this weekend at the Nascar Nationwide Serries race at Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin, but it was a great drive, and he was the second fastest all day, right behind the eventual winner Carl Edwards. It was a very eventful drive for Villeneuve as well, pulling off some extraordinary overtaking maneuvers and narrowly avoiding some wrecks along the way.

I've put together a brief highlight package of JV's race for those that might want to have a look.

For those that just want to see a brief clip of the overtaking move of the day, here it is.

Great stuff, that looks like it was a decent race.

On a related note, I see last week there were reports that Jacques was looking for an F1 drive.

Stranger things have happened I suppose...
Well, who would have thought it. There's life in the old dog yet.

For what its worth I actually thought his overtake for the lead was the better of the two main featured passes. The way he held the car together with the front left locked up and managed to hook it through the corner to pass two cars and pop out in the lead. Pretty good stuff.
Quite honestly if Trulli can hold down a place on the grid then there's no reason JV shouldn't. Provided they can source some baggy overalls why the hell not? Good PR if nothing else.
I believe that in the off season JV got seriously close to the 2nd seat at Lotus to race alongside Kovi. I'm relieved to be honest, that he didn't get the job because I have a feeling he would have quickly lost motivation and as it happens, Kovi is doing a fine job in the car.

There is still talk of another start up outfit from the US putting a bid in to join the grid next season so who knows, there may be a chance for him to return there.

Also it wouldn't have surprised me if he was under consideration for the "third" driver role at HRT.
Looks like a very good race. Well done JV (It's about time too!).

It just goes to show that NASCAR can put on a proper race when they use a proper circuit.
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