Is Rosberg really a better qualifier than Hamilton?


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They can make small changes, but it would not make a significant set-up change, and Rosberg would know about it. It really doesn't add up.

Even given that, there was no sea change in Hamilton's form versus Rosberg after Spa. Hamilton got four of the first five poles, yes, but three of them were in the wet. Then he was slower in Monaco, cocked up Austria and GB (w) and was slower in Spa (w).

If this is where the change of approach happened, it is slightly strange because Hamilton then got three poles from four, before Rosberg won the last three.

In the 7 races after Spa, it was 3-4 to Rosberg. Monza was only his second dry pole of the season.

Sod it, he won the title anyway.


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Bottom line is, the difference between the two within the time they've been team-mates has been far too small say one is definitely a better qualifier than the other.

The second bottom line is hat it don't matter one bit, as the sole purpose of qualifying is to try and maximise the chances of a good race result.

And in terms of race pace although Rosberg has been quite good in the past two years, Hamilton has usually been better.

Quite simple really. :)
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