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Who will still be in F1 in 2012?

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A number of drivers have the Sword of Damocles hanging over them after Brazil. Which of them will still be in F1 in 2012?
I don't know, so I'll split them by how much they deserve to be in a seat:

Barrichello if someone needs a tester - Lotus might be good
Maldonado - no
Buemi - yes, unlucky this season
Alguersuari - yes, but lucky this season
Karthikeyan - no
Liuzzi - maybe. Decent midfielder, I think, but nothing more.
Ricciardo - send him to GP2!
d'Ambrosio - he won't be, which is sad
Senna - doesn't always back up his qualifying performances - I'd rather see Sutil or Grosjean
Petrov - sadly not good enough. Get the 2011 Australian GP on DVD though!
Chandhok - get him in a Commentary Box!
Am I voting for not seeing them in 2012 or whether we'll never see them in F1 again? because I believe they'll be some of those that aren't in next year that will land drives again
in that case Maldonado, Buemi, Alguersauri and Mr Petrov

Don't think they'll put Ricciardo in the Toro Rosso anymore and the Caternham deal will fall through but we'll def see him in 2013. Our friend Jerome Pudding is gone for this year but I think he'll land a test role somewhere and may get a drive or too in the future.

I was a bit here and there on Liuzzi because he may be in line for another year in HRT but otherwise I think his F1 days are gone. Rubens I'd love to see get a drive but I get a feeling he won't.

The others I'm afraid have tried and failed for me
Alguersuari, Buemi, Petrov, and Ricciardo will remain, and deserve to do so.

I've also selected the Williams drivers to hang on, sadly, as Maldonado is just occupying space, and Barrichello should make way for a young charger that (gasp!) he once was.
To be honest, they all have doubts over them. The only one who I think will be really safe would be, Alguersuari. So I voted him, Petrov and Ricciardo.

Petrov, well he's proven to be better than Senna, was matching Heidfeld, with 2 seats up for grabs at Lotus-Renault, the most likely I would say are Grosjean-Petrov.

Ricciardo, mainly because Red Bull are very keen to get him into F1 one way or another.

I would have liked to choose Buemi but...I am unsure. Would be great if he stayed been unlucky this season. But I think Ricciardo will take his place.
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