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For the first time I go with theme inside these Pre-GP quizzes...not going to reveal what is it though.

1. Dorino Serafini scored a podium with a second place in his only Grand Prix. However, that was achieved with a shared drive. Who else drove that car?
Alberto Ascari

2. Giulio Cabianca scored his only points in 1960 with finishing 4th. He was killed less than year later in a bizarre accident on which Italian circuit?
Modena Autodrome

3. Who took his only Grand Prix win in 1966?
Ludovico Scarfiotti

4. Only once in the 1970s Italian driver scored points in Italian GP. Who and which year?
Arturo Merzario, 4th in 1974

5. In the same accident which claimed the life of Ronnie Peterson, one driver was seriously injured. Who?
Vittorio Brambilla

6. Which driver achieved more podiums in Italian GP, Michele Alboreto or Riccardo Patrese?
Alboreto, 2nd in 1984 and 1988. Patrese had just 3rd in 1984.

7. Who was the only Italian driver taking part in 1996?
Giovanni Lavaggi - qualified last and retired after five laps

8. How many first-lap retirements does Jarno Trulli have at Monza?
Three, involved in crashes 2000-01 and car failure in 2003

9. Which year saw Giancarlo Fisichella's best Italian GP result?
3rd place in 2005

10. Who caused the first-corner accident in 2011?
Vitantonio Liuzzi
5, I hate the quizzes they're so difficult, but then again that's what makes them enjoyable.

Useless fact: The guy for answer No. 5 and Fabrizio Barbazza (former Minardi driver) were born in Monza. ;)
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