FIA Is the FIA that far off track?


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I have to say I almost choked on my toast when I read the answer to this question in F1 Racing magazine. Part of me thinks "Good on you Max for actually giving such a clear answer to that question" and the other part of me thinks "surely that's not the case is it?".


Do you regret that the new tracks in F1 are characterless seas of Tarmac, designed to test safety standards rather than driver skill?

Answer from Max Mosley

"I certainly don't like the modern circuits. I think the fundamental problem is that they're done by the commercial rights holder, using only one company to design them. Each new circuit should be put out to tender just as you would with a new building, and the best overall proposal should succeed. But, unfortunately, the FIA is not in a position to insist that this should be the case"

Have I missed something?

Why is MM being interviewed on F1 related matters?
I thought he was completely out of the business now?
It's from "You ask the Questions" in F1 racing Bro. So it's not a specific thing with Max. They get a different F1 person each month. People then write in with questions they want answered.

Some this month to Max include:

Who was responsible for your personal life ending up in the newspapers?
Was there ever anyone in F1 that you totally truseted, and did they trust you?
What took you so long to step down as FIA President.

I have to say some of the answers are very illuminating.
Tracks are arranged and the contracts are dealt with by FOM, it's nothing new or anything.

It's a sorry state of affairs but that's Max's legacy and Bernie's current leverage over the sport.
A new Tilke track design has been released:

We don't know where the track will be built yet since Bernie will abide by his lengthly selection process involving a map of Asia and a "pin the tail on the donkey" competition at a 6-year-old's birthday party.

The FIA would be very satisfied with most of the new circuits, imo since

  • Bahrain has never been won by McLaren
  • Turkey has a long history of Ferrari success
  • Malaysia has a history of Ferrari success
  • Valencia had a Ferrari sucess
  • Singapore looked suited to Ferrari when Massa led in 2008
  • Abu Dhabi gives Ferrari plenty of free advertising

China is however a disappointment, as McLaren look quite strong there, and there is lots of overtaking to take attention away from the advertising hoardings.


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An interesting observation... it seems totally implausible yet there is something strangely compelling about the reality. :blink:
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