If Alonso had not gone to Mclaren.......


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....then F1 may have played out like this.

After taking a double championship Flavio convinces Fernando to stay in the Renault for 2007 because of this Kimi stays at Mclaren and Schumacher doesn't retire. Lewis Hamilton is brought in to partner Kimi and the big teams pairings stand like this Ferrari: Schumacher/Massa - Mclaren: Raikkonen/Hamilton - Renault: Alonso/Fisichella


The Mclaren is the early front runner car and the world falls in love with the new exciting style of Lewis Hamilton. Kimi takers the early races but Lewis fights back to take victories later on - all the while Schumacher looms close behind them and as they fight with each other and take points off each. Much to nearly the entire worlds despair Schumie pulls a blinder at the end of the season and with the help of his team mate becomes World Champion for the 8th time. Mclaren win the constructors championship much to Ron's delight but he claims the drivers championship is just as important to him. Alonso did manage to grab a race victory in 07 but is not happy with the Renault car and not being part of the Championship.

Ferrari and Mclaren decide to keep the same line up's for 08 whilst Renault dumped Fisichella in favour of Flavio's new driver Heiki Kovalinen. Unknown to the general public Alonso signs a contract with Ferrari for 09 under the understanding that Schumacher will retire at the end of 08.


Once again its a Mclaren Ferrari shoot out with BMW playing a watching brief. Kubica becomes exceptionally frustrated with BMW when they fail to develop even though he becomes part of the title race. Lewis very much gets the upper hand over Kimi and people start to question Kimi's motivation. The title is a close fight but buoyed on by the fact this is his last year and once again recieving support from his team mate Schumi claims his 9th world title and goes out on a high. Lewis Hamilton recieves sports personality of the year award and a massive article is written about how now Schumie is gone we are entering the era of Lewis.

Alonso arrives at Ferrari and Massa is kept on as a reward for his great service as a number 2. Kimi leaves Mclaren under a cloud and in what is seen as a move down the grid signs for his long time sponsor Red Bull. His partner there will be the young up coming prospect Sebastian Vettel who has shocked the world last year with a victory in the Toro Rosso team. The space at the Red Bull team had been created by Flavio poaching away Mark Webber to drive for Renault. The British Media calls for Mclaren to sign a support driver for Lewis Hamilton and are not happy when Robert Kubica signs as they think like the last 2 years he'll take points off Lewis in his bid for the title. Honda pull out of F1 and Ross Brawn comes to the rescue of the team - rumours that Schumi is about to come out of retirment to invest in the team and even drive for them don't happen.


The biggest change in the rules shakes the grid up massively and due to a loop hole in the regs the new Brawn car is streets ahead of the field and Jenson Button takes full advantage. It is clear though that the Adrian Newy designed Red Bull car is pretty top notch and Kimi takes them to their first victory. In one of the most mixed up seasons ever Lewis Hamilton is praised for get a dog of a Mclaren back up near the front and grab a couple of race wins. Kubica doesn't impress in the other Mclaren. Alonso takes a victory for Ferrari that year but is clearly not happy to find himself in an uncompetitve car once again. Massa escapes a near fatal accident and is replaced by Alonso's old mate Fisi for the rest of the year. After pulling out a big lead in the championship Jenson is chased down by the ever improving Raikkionen/Red Bull combination but manages to hold on to become the first British World Champion since Damon Hill. Despite this in and end of year poll amongst British F1 fans Lewis Hamilton is still rated as the best British F1 driver.

Merc buy out Brawn and despite rumours of a Schumie come back Michael announces he is a 9 time champions and doesn't feel the need to come back. Merc signed Rosberg and decide to champion Button and keep him on. Massa returns from his injury and is back in the Ferrari. Red Bull are also happy with their line up. Mclaren retain Kubica but Robert is clearly not happy in the team and claims favourtism towards Hamilton.


Despite a first race victory for Alonso it becomes clear that Kimi and Red Bull are the fastest package on the grid. Surprisingly though its Kimi's team mate Vettel who takes the victories and an early lead in the title race. Mclaren are possing a challenege but early in the season its Kubica taking the fight to the Red Bulls. The second half of the season see's a complete switch round as Kimi. Lewis and Alonso are the one's battling it out. A very bitter Robert Kubica drops out of the title race and looks set to leave Mclaren in a huff about it. The title goes down to the final race and despite people thinking it would go to either Vettel or Alonso it is Kimi that beats the odds and becomes 2010 world champion for Red Bull.

After a very poor season Massa's contract is not renewed and Ferrari sign Robert Kubica from Mclaren. Mclaren's second seat is filled by Heiki Kovilianen who has impressed in a lack luster Renault by beating team mate Webber on a reg basis. Red Bull and Merc keep the same line up's. Just before the season is due to start Kubica has a serious crash in a rally race and is ruled out for at least a season. In Ferrari's desprete search for a driver they approach Michael Schumacher to come out of retirement but that is scuppered as Alonso threaterns to quit if that happens. Fernando urges them to bring Fisichella back however in the end the decision is made to bring in Antonio Liuzzi on a one season basis due to his availability and his nationaility.


The Red Bull car is the complete class of the field but this season its not Kimi but Sebastian Vettel who is the class of the field. From the very first race his championship is never in doubt and despite challenges from Kimi and Lewis in occasionaly races he easily cruises to a record breaking first title. Alonso has another frustrating year at Ferrari but performs out of his skin to keep the car up there with the Red Bulls and Mclaren's. A side show to the season is the constant clashes between Liuzzi and Kovi who collide with each other on no less that 6 different occasions. Jenson Button contiues to impress despite not having a race winning car - he not only puts his highly rated team mate Rosberg to the sword but is seen to reg mix it up with the Ferrari's and Mclaren's often claiming 5th place in Grand Prix's

Kimi announces his retirement and leaves Red Bull to go off and do some rallying. Red Bull decide to promote Jamie Alguersauri from Toro Rosso to fill his seat. Kubica announces he won't be able to return to F1 for 2012 and in a shock move Ferrari sign a contract with Jenson Button. Merc ditich Rosberg too and bring in Di Resta and Hulkenberg. Mclaren decide to give Kovi another year. Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton win's Sports Personality of the Year award for the third year running and the British Media love him(Brits love a unlucky loser) and everything he does and continue to slam Mclaren for not giving him the equiptment to win his title.........

OK so I know what you're going to say - its all speculation and if my aunt had testicles she's be my uncle but its interesting to consider the differences there may have been just on one decision being made a different way. Its all a bit of fun anyway. Agree with me on this one or think it would have gone a different way?
A very entertaining series of thoughts. I enjoyed reading it. In my version I'd have won several races in 2007 off the back of my 06 championship year, I'd have then retired and spent the next four years sniping from the paddock club as an embittered has-been moaning that it "wasn't like that in my day" and ligging my way around various past employers, journos and media.
Interesting reading:thumbsup:
However, as difficult as it is to disagree with 'ifs buts and maybes', there are a few things I believe would have happened differently:

Kimi wouldn't have stayed with McLaren in '07 - The Ferrari deal had already been agreed, I don't think Kimi was happy with the reliability of McLaren in '05 which clearly cost him a very realistic shot at the title, nor the performance in '06. And I don't think Ron Dennis was all that enamoured with Kimi off-track anyway. With him going to Ferrari, Schumi would still have retired. Alonso staying at Renault is entirely plausible, and there was speculation that Mika Hakkinen was to return to McLaren for '07 after testing the McLaren simulator during '06 (bearing in mind there were already rumours in previous seasons that Hakkinen was to return to F1, in 2004 if I remember rightly with Williams after Montoya signed for McLaren). Therefore I believe McLaren in '07 would have been a Hamilton-Hakkinen pairing:cheer: .

In '09, Alonso would sign for Brawn (from Renault) after being headhunted by Ross Brawn (which was mooted at the time, around halfway through the '08 season) and win the title with Button coming 2nd. After realising the McLaren was a dog, Hakkinen would make up his mind early to retire at the end of the season and Button would still be signed for '10, Kimi would go rallying leaving a vacant seat at Ferrari which would be filled by Kubica. After his rallying accident, Ferrari would realise Kubica was highly unlikely to race again in the near future and sign Alonso from Mercedes for '12.
Apart from that, pretty much agree:)

Good idea for an article though :thumbsup:
leaving a vacant seat at Ferrari which would be filled by Kubica. After his rallying accident, Ferrari would realise Kubica was highly unlikely to race again in the near future and sign Alonso from Mercedes for '12.
It's unlikely Ferrari would have allowed Kubica to go rallying during the season.
It's unlikely Ferrari would have allowed Kubica to go rallying during the season.

I did think about that when I wrote the article be decided as in my version of events Kubica had only just joined Ferrari and might have stipulated in his contract that he could take part in the rally.
I look at it this way - he would have carried his form from 06 over to 07 and therefore would have at least matched Kimi's performance in the same car so would have got that one.

I also don't doubt that Schumi could have out scored Massa in the 08 car and as Massa only lost the title by a point I think 08 would have been his too. Also add in the factor I had Kimi as Lewis's team-mate who may have beaten Lewis on a couple of occasions bringing his total down.

So yeah I stand by Schumi would have got 9 titles.

In fact I think one of the reason Schumi cambe back from retirement is that he feels that as well and regrets retiring so early.
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I'm not 100% convinced that had Alonso not gone to McLaren that Lewis Hamilton would have immediately taken the number 2 slot.

Since the team had an experienced team-leader in Alonso, it allowed them to take a chance on Hamilton. However, without a de-facto number 1 driver, they might have opted to keep on Montoya, and recruit another experienced driver, with Hamilton as a test-driver (or farmed out to another team) for a year....

HOwever, as it turned out, it wasn't such a risk for them.....
If Alonso hadn't joined Mclaren back in 2007, the likely hood is he'd have gone to Ferrari. However I do believe that Ferrari would have tried their hardess to sign Raikkonen aswell for 2007 and would have had a hell of a dream team.

But Alonso did join Mclaren and it could have worked well with him and Lewis had we not seen Spygate and Mclaren allowed him secretly to finish ahead of Lewis on occassions. If Mclaren had do that they'd have been WDC's and WCC's that season by miles over Ferrari. But thats all IFS BUTS AND MAYBES and might not have happened.
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