Idea for a new rule.


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My proposed additional to the sporting rules.

If the drivers championship and constructors championship is decided with remaining races to run. Those remaining races will be held with the following amendments.

Qualifying will now be a forth practice session held with young drivers. Super licence not required.

The race start grid will be arranged in reverse championship order.
Sounds good to me, but sadly it will most likely never happen as I can't see the teams agreeing to it. I mean, why do something that might be good for the future of the sport? ;)
How about if the Drivers and constructors championships are decided they just cancel the rest of the season?

Cue Merc throwing a load of races So they can please sponsors in Abu Dhabi.
Ok. Well maybe just take out the drivers whose positions can't change. So for instance - Lewis is world champ! Well done have a rest for the rest of the season. That means the fight for second place would be at the front.
That would be great if it were done as a magnanimous gesture by the title winner.
I wonder if it'll happen. Who's the current leader?
Well, except last year, Lewis seems to quit the championship after winning the WDC in any case! Perhaps he's ahead of the game
Regardless of who has already won what, there are still points on the table, remaining races and poles to be won, records to be broken - up to the last wave of the last chequered flag.
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