I don't care what the weather man says...

Think I will give it a 5, bad race from the drivers that I like, the race was pretty 'meh', infact the past 5-6 races have been "meh".

Well there are 0 applicants!

I would like to apply.

For a standard race it was OK, if a bit dull. For a Brazilian GP it was pretty torrid. Still a 5, if just for Alonso's overtake

Happy Birthday mate!
I don't need a weather reporter in Scotland. I myself can predict what it will be like, one word which was banned commentary in the last race.

Rain...that's what I predict everyday so I am never let down :)
In case you missed the story, buried in the latest issue of Rootersport, is Rad Booton's take on Jos's situation. Seems to think he's okay for next season since he did no worse than the guys with mountains of technology and chaps in helicopters.

Read Jos the Boss's position as CTA Official Weather-Bloke in Peril in Rootersport Issue 10

And the weather is to be read by Formula One commentators past, present and even deceased.

Murray, what do you reckon the weather will be like in Norway?

Its SNOW, SNOW, SNOW in Oslo

Thankyou. James, whats your opinion of the weather in Italy.

One hopes its raining on Riccardo Patrese

Right... Martin, how is it in the rainforest?

I'm a little disappointed actually, we expected rain here but it just hasn't come

James, where are you monitoring?

I'm in Jersey and at Jenson Button's WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND!

OK... Jonathan, how are you? (And not you Palmer, no-one cares)

I'm here in Abberdabbi and Sunny weather is on a charge. Could this be crucial?

Predictable, I'd imagine. So David to finish us off...

Am I in a different rainforest to Martin, its pissing it down
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