Head To Head Esteban Ocon vs Sergio Perez

Have to agree with you there RasputinLives . I'm not a fan of team orders, being primarily a driver supporter. But there are two championships, a drivers and a constructors, the constructors pay the bills and team orders are allowed. Under those circumstances team orders will be used.
I stand by what I thought at the time Perez cost the team a podium in Canada and he ignored that a Ferrari was coming up fast behind them...:whistle: a future employee so we believe the talk in the paddock

Rutherford RasputinLives I think part of the blame on Ocon from the German press is probably sour grapes over the fact that Mercedes have promoted him rather than the highly hyped Wehrlein who is suppose to be the next Wunderkind
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At 2pm today Perez and Ocon are in the same drivers press conference session. I Don't usually watch these as they are dull but this one might be interesting.

Was it Jarno Trulli who had a near melt down on one of these trying to prove he had been taken out?
I do remember Trulli still moaning about it the next race Abu Dhabi and the replay showed Trulli was at fault. I remember when Jean Alesi had a go at Trulli for being involved in two startline incidents Montreal 98 and 99 like there was some malice and vowing not to speak to him again. Trulli's response " Sometimes he should think before talks"
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