How would Kobayashi have fared in 2013?


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Kobayashi is a strange one for me, most drivers (in fact most people with anything) improve with experience.

He kinda did the opposite, his debut was one of his most impressive races and he cored points in only his second in a Toyota.

2010 was arguably his best season, once he got into the points they flowed fairly consistently with the highlight of course being Japan.

He started 2011 with a string of 6 (7) consecutive points scoring finishes with a 5th place at Monaco. His 2011 season while still a good one was slightly under the radar and out of mind compared to his flashy 2010 season.

Then last Perez just had him under control all year and Kobayashi never looked like his equal all year and didn;t do anything that stood out save for that 1 fantastic podium. ok he was unlucky at Spa.

Do you think Sauber should have kept him on? Was he good enough to keep his seat and race on, could he have bounced back after 1 poor year out of 3?

Should Caterham have taken him on.

If he had kept his Sauber seat or got the Caterham, how do you think he would be doing this year?
He would probably have wound up 12th in the championship. He has been rather good at doing that having achieved 12th in 2010, 20011 an 2012.:).

All kidding aside, his F1 career hasn't really been very impressive. Yes he did some exciting and impressive overtaking and put a Sauber into places they aren't usually expected to be but only one podium in four seasons and the odd top ten finish was not enough. He seems to be better in GT's. If he so chooses I am sure will have a very good career in some great cars in a motor sport environment just as exciting as F1. I suspect also that he will suffer much less of the off-track shenanigans and politics that afflict the life of an F1 pilot. Good on him and good luck to him.
Still have no clue why Gutierrez is in the seat and he isn't. Or why Hulkenberg made the move to Sauber. Oh well. I get to see Gutierrez about 3 times per race instead of Kamui's awesome driving style. All is well. Not.
Kobayashi at McLaren? I think you'd be more likely to see Ayrton disinterred and installed in the cockpit first!:o

I never understood the way Kobayashi was suddenly lauded as the "great eastern hope" for F1 - surely if he was that splendid, Toyota would have set up "Super Inoue" for him to stay on the grid...:p
I never understood the way Kobayashi was suddenly lauded as the "great eastern hope" for F1

'Cos he was from the east and they hoped he would be better than what had come before :D

He was better than Nakajima. Not hard though.
I wouldn't want to drive for a team called "Super Tacky" - the cars would probably have gold hoop earrings and a dolphin tattoo on the knicker line...:sick:

Speaking of Lewis' girlfriend ...


wrong knickers I mean thread ...


better stop now...

Koba ... if he can't get a run in F1 it shows the sorry financial state of affairs most teams are in with regard to the drivers they have to select...
well Sauber would probably be in a better position as they have slipped back the last few races. Gutierrez inexperience has cost them a bit but that is what happened if a Mexican company is the team's main sponsor
I'm sure Kobash would have been involved in several high-profile incidents/overtakes. That's pretty much his trademark for me. He treated every car the same regardless of make or driver. His dice with Button at Brazil 09 was a classic.
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