How similar are Red Bull and Toro Rosso?


So, since STA is Red Bull's development team, just how similar are the cars? I seem to remember a race or 2 where the STAs were pretty sporty but at the end of the day, how similar are the 2 cars in terms of performance and design?
They are designed by different people so probably not the same at all, they used to be identical except for the engines but not now,. on a similar note the Legier back in the 90's was identical to the championship winning Benetton.
Prior to 2009 I think it was the STR was essentially a Red Bull chassis designed by Newey and one step behind which was used to great effect in 2008

Since then all teams entering the F1 world championship must design their own chassis. This ruling basically eliminated any chance of Pro Drive joining F1 because they were planning to use a Mclaren chassis. The daft thing was they were accepted as an entry in 2008 but were subsequently vetoed on the basis they wanted to use a Mclaren chassis

Also previously the funding has changed for the teams and it appears more and more resources has been put into Red Bull and taken away from Toro Rosso

Red Bull are based in Milton Keynes, UK and Toro Rosso in Faenza, italy - the old Minardi factoru

As you can see they have different approaches to the low nose concept this year
Gotcha. Im just getting back into following F1, so Im still learning how things work now. I had heard that STR was Red Bull's, "development" team, so I was curious just how similar the 2 cars are.
Shogun - The cars are entirely different now - although they used to be pretty similar before an FIA ban on customer cars in 2009.

I think the idea of STR is to hang around the midfield and act as a GP2 surrogate for Red Bull's young drivers.
Does STR turn a profit, or even break even? Or do they lose money as a sacrifice for the parent team?

Better question: Does Red Bull actually benefit from its Formula One involvement, they pour a LOT of money into this, but for what?
Does anybody watch F1 and go "man, this really makes me want to drink a Red Bull?" No? Does anybody ever actually want to drink something that tastes like monkey piss?
Does anyone think "Oh, I must send my next parcel by UPS as the sponsor Ferrari" or "I must upgrade my companies computer system to SAP" because of McLaren? The sponsors must believe there is some benefit to sponsorship in F1 but I'm buggered if I can work out what it is.
Its all about visibility. Its so that when you do think about buying computer software or an energy drink, you only really think of the brands that you have seen and heard of. F1 sponshorship allows these companies logos to be seen and puts them in the back of your brain to be recalled when you do need something in their product range.

As for somewhat smaller companies like Martini, a lot of people wouldn't know about them at all if not for racing.

Why companies sponsor Caterham I have no clue.
Like I said all sponsorship is a tax write off it comes under the heading of advertisement and promotion so it makes sense to spend the money promoting your product than just giving it to the government companies will sponsor the lower team because it is cheaper then sponsoring someone like McLaren, it is simple economics whether a team is in the news due to doing well or doing shit it makes no difference the brand still gets air time plus the generals of the companies involved get wined and dined at the race events and can hobnob it about the place making contacts and deals..

Oh yeah this is me I sponsor caterham you know next year were going global I am what you might call the brand, you wanna piece of my action I can guarantee it's a good investment like, just call me sniveler all my friends do....
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