How many stops at Silverstone?

How many stops will the winner at Silverstone make?

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After the supreme effort by all 26 people (72%) who correctly predicted 3 stops for the winner in Valencia, we move onto Great Britain. The question once more is, how many stops will the winner make? :thinking:

As with FF1, we have seen johnnoble1990 prove he knows this game. He is the only one of you to have correctly guessed predicted the number of stops twice in the three races we have done this. Unlike the WDC though, this is still wide open ;)

We know that Pirelli are bringing the soft and hard tyres which is going to spice things up nicely. They have gone on the record as saying they aim for 3 or 4, but with these two compounds being quite far apart as we have seen in many of the earlier races, anything could happen. The same combo (hard = prime, soft = option), was the choice in AUS, MAL, CHI, TUR, ESP.

We could easily see a 2 second gap between the prime and option, which might mean everyone except perhaps Vettel having to use the options in Q1. Remember China where Webber was knocked out in Q1 because he wasn't fast enough on the prime tyres? The same set of options might be used for Q2, but if that is the case, will there be any life left in that set when it comes to the race?

This race being where it is could easily see a wet / dry / can't make up its mind race. It could be hot, like it was last weekend (34 deg), or downright chilly like it has been since (sub 20 deg). All of these factors will have an effect on the tyres and the number of stops.

So, what do you think? How many stops will the winner make and (if you really want to hang yourself out to dry) how many stops will there be in total...?
The number of stops will depend on how the race itself is going at the time. Many stops are not really necessary these days and are often made to juggle track positions. Basically then - how long is a piece of string?

I'll go for 4...:)
I predict
stops in total. Lets see if I can be less than 2 out this time.
I'll say 5, as I reckon it'll be showery, and there'll a scrabble to get the right tyres on at the right time. I predict that the race winner will not have to serve a drive through this time though...:chuffed:
Do you really trust the weather forecasts ladies?

Remember Canada? 5 days before, it will rain in practice and for qualifying and dry for race. 4 days before, it will rain in just qualifying, 3 days before it will rain in qualifying dry for the race....race day we will have a hurricane hitting the track....
Due to the EBD ban there will be less downforce at the rear, this would cause much more tyre usage, thus three stops would be necessary, no one wants to spend much time on hard tyres that give little or no grip.
Ok - Gone for 4(again) - having been one of the few to get it wrong last time I think I need to re-prove myself.

The more and more I think about it I honestly believe will see at least one of the Ferrari's only doing 1 lap on the hard tyres and therefore will do 3 on the softs.

So by picking 4 am I saying Ferrari to win? no - Red Bull are going to win so my theory breaks down.

4 anyways. Prob coz of the rain.
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