How many stops at Monza?

How many stops at Monza?

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I know it's early but i thought i'd start this thread now to get some excitement going ahead of the Italian GP :).

So simple question how many stops do you reckon drivers will make at the Italian GP?
Has a one stopper being done since Vettel at Monaco? The lack of high speed corners could really lead to low tyre degredation however the heavy breaking zones won't be helping.

Well, I was going to go for 5, but I think that would be stretching it a bit.... It's 4, because I'm banking on it raining at some point during the race.
Not all race, mind. Just part way through... :)
3 - Pirelli will want to maximise their exposure at their home race so will slip the super soft and soft compounds in despite what they say so that they wear out really quickly.
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