Poll How many DNF's will Max Chilton clock up in 2014?

How many DNFs will Max Chilton have in 2014?

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No passing through my dirty air please
So the big question on everyone's mind as we go into 2014 is can our boy Max keep up that 100% record and not even put a scratch in that lovely Marussia paint job?

This year he has the added difficulty of unreliable engines and the fact that Renault look to have messed the engines up so much that he might not be safe out of trouble at the back. Although it could be his ultimate pace sorts that issue for him.

So come one and all. Put your money where your mouth is and predict how many times we'll see little Max walking back to the pitlane on race day.
With the increased number of potential dnf's, max will have his best chance of finishing in the points this season so I think he will exercise even more caution than last year.
I've gone for 10+, but only because it covers all numbers from 10-19. (Unless 10 plus is meant to mean > 10)

I really don't think they'll be much Max Chilton can do to stay out of trouble this season. There is a chance Marussia will be higher up the grid in certain race. They don't have the resources to develop the car at the same rate as other teams. I'd say on average he's going to DNF 7-8 time at least.
I've gone with 7. Not Max's fault, just don't trust Marussia to be great at coping with these new regs. And even without the new regs a repeat of last year is unlikely.
I've gone for roughly a third of the races on the basis that he'll be a victim of mechanical failures like most everyone else. Had the option been available I would have gone for "Some - through no fault of his own".:D
Well his car is working. Which is more than can be said for caterham and lotus. This year I'm bundling lotus down at the bottom with the back markers. They don't have the funds and this years car is a dog. I think Max could be on for his 1st point this weekend.
Max still managed to be last in P2 despite the fact that Grosjeans car looked like it was driving on square wheels and he had to use and anchor for our brake.

Thats our boy.
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