They've been doing the Formula One Manufacturer Hokey Cokey for a long, long time. I expect that someday they'll return; hopefully without designing a world beater than letting someone else run it!
I would think that the ERS regs would entice them in at some point, after all, the amount of money they spent on the KERS system for 2009 which was never used could come in handy, especially when the unit they developed was apparantly seriously impressive.

Worth reading the link at the bottom too, if you like that sort of thing.
“But in terms of F1, we know we’ve got so many specialists inside the FIA, and we think they can make better regulations to not have grey areas. “They can do a better job than now.”
Yes, yes, yes...yes, they should, but they won't. That would be too fair, and we cannot have that,
Looks like RBR -- which includes Verstappen -- seems to like Honda's progress. It's going to be lively at the front, which is good. Mr. Max however must get out of his head that he is a matador, when he see a red painted car alongside of him.
Are they still having vibration issues? It’s not being talked about a lot and it could mean anything, though RedBull has denied it multiple times.

Completely unrelated (and off topic) a few years ago CR-V was reportedly having vibration problems. After some time, Honda finally acknowledged there was enough evidence to investigate and supposedly a fix was found. Allegedly Acuras also had similar problems over the same period of time. Coincidence?
DATE: 2019-02-27 CET: 09:21
Interesting question, Oliver. Why? I've heard of it a month or two ago, then it subsided and went bellow radar for a while. Now the same (or so we assume) issue reemerged only to be taken off the charts few hours later. Hmm, smoke and fire story....

Maybe related comment is tied to that issue, when someone (most likely Dr. Marko) stated that this year they do not expect Honda to break any records, or something to that effect. Is it then because they cannot run the engine in full power (due something - like vibrations at certain critical rev-point)? Will be Max fighting for WDC with a detuned engine? (I expect him to tel us with his face red in anger, if that is true).
Strangely enough, what it would do to useful life cycle?
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It appears that Honda had a quality contro; (whatever that means) leading to engine failure. There will be an omcrease in power but it will only be minor.
Historically unintended deviation from manufacturing or assembly plans - quality control failure -- is rarely seen with this automaker. Whatever it was, it will not be repeated again, that much I am sure. In fact, I would not be surprised to learn, that fault was related to a common element which was made by someone else and they are mandated to use. Problems at McLaren of course were inherent to underdeveloped design, but that's a different category.
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who knew, as it turns out that you can tweet through gritted teeth
It is good for F1 because it might invite other engine manufacturers in if it can be seen that Honda can crack it (finally as well)
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