Holiday in Valencia


Race Winner
I just spent a couple of weeks in Valencia and obviously I went to see the F1 Street Circuit. Walking around with Alistair Griffins "Just drive" playing on my mp3-player I took a few pictures that I just wanted to share with you all...Unfortunately I was only able to get to the first part of the track (I didn't find a way on the other side of the harbour), so the pictures end after turn 9. I apologize for that.

So it all starts with a picture of corners 23/24:

This is the view down to turn 25:

This is turn 25:

Here you can see the pit buildings, the pit lane and the main straight. As you all know the pit buildings are former harbor buildings. The pit lane is normally a pedestrian area and the start-line is used as a public road driven in the opposite direction as the F1 race there and as a parking lot:

Here you can see pole position and the start-finish line:

Here is another harbor building from the inside. This one is used as the F1 Paddock Club. The picture is taken from the back of the building. I thought it was pretty funny that people pay a few thousand € to hang around in a shabby building like that. Maybe the pic doesn't really highlight it. But it was really in a bad state.

This is turn 1 (still the same public road as before):

Here is turn 2:

And turn 3 in the background:

Now as you can see, the straight between turn 3 and turn 4 was blocked:
So this is turn 5:

Here is turn 6. On the left hand side you can see the flags of Spain and Catalunya. Just behind them is the beach. It's an amazing beach btw ;)

Now we have turn 7:

The view doen to turn 8:

Here we have turn 8:

Turn 9! Here you can see that the bridge wasn't "closed". So I couldn't walk to the other side:

And finally a view into one of the halves of the bridge (you can also see the catchfencing):

And that was it :D
Yes Jen I did. A really beautiful city. Especially the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. The park there was absolutely fantastic. I miss it so much...
I don't think there will be another race there, do you? Shame, such a nice track.
Very true! We need a race in Spain though. I liked the atmosphere at Valencia and the track was challenging even if a lot if the races were processions (not uncommon before Pirelli, DRS etc)
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