Hockenheim - Where to sit?


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Anyone been to Hockenheim to watch a race? After some advice for the best grandstand for me and the family.
We went there in 2008, We had tickets for the Spitzkerhe, wandering around on the Friday. It is a good position bearing in mind that there are no allocated seats since it is basically a standing area. This lead to one or two moans due to people turning up just before the start expecting to get the best viewing position. Most annoying when you have been there six hours.

The Sudkurve looked like it was reasonable but I seem to remember that it was fairly expensive.

The camping was good, we didn't get the on-site area, instead we were at the other side of the town with a good bus shuttle service. I never did find out whether the Swiss group opposite us actually went into the circuit. We saw them in the evenings and then going to bed in the morning when were were getting up.
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