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Well wouldn't you know it.... I've just picked this up from the feed on the home page and just when earlier I was posting about drivers trying other series up pops Johnny Herbert.

It would be great if he was offered a drive in the BTCC as I for one would be a fan. (Yeah I know it's a Lotus thing !!)

I think it was a one off test from the tone of the article but with so many manufacturers having run for the BTCC exit door and the series suffering a bit as a result a bit of positive news would be good.
I thought I saw that earlier but wasn't sure whether I was seeing things or not LOL

I doubt whether it will translate into a seat though bearing in mind Vauxhall will be pulling out at the end of this year.

Full story here: Thompson top as Herbert joins test

P.S. Less than 3 weeks and the BTCC season starts back up again after the summer break
I agree with you Bro, Perhaps a one off drive this season maybe but not a drive next year.

Mind you, I think Herbert's still in love with racing and will jump at the chance to drive anything with wheels so you can never say never.
Almost slipping under the radar with all the recent F1 exciment and lost in the small print of this weeks Autosport is that Herbert has been granted a full test day with Team Dynamics with a view to replacing James Thompson in the final three rounds of the BTCC series.

In the words of the team boss, Steve Neal, the deal is a lot closer. They have even gone so far as to order race suits for Johnny.
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