Caption Competition Heidfeld/Massa 221111


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Viscount posted this image elsewhere on the site, so what does everyone make of it?
Is Nick moving Fellipe's visor up and down like its a mouth and making it say "Yes, You are much better than me Nick"
FM: Dude, why are you shaking my helmet.
NH: Because I can't contain my excitement?
FM: Why? It can't be that bloody exciting.
NH: It is
FM: Well can you tell me and then stop?
NH: ExtremeNinja has 999 likes and rumour has it that this photo will be the source of hs 1000th
FM: Raaaaagggghhhh!!!!! Woooo hooooo! That's what Im talking about! Thank you boys.
NH: Filipe, is that you in there?
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