Caption Competition Heidfeld/Massa 221111


Leave me alone I'm on Smoko
Is Nick moving Fellipe's visor up and down like its a mouth and making it say "Yes, You are much better than me Nick"


World Champion
Massa: "I need my white VISOR!!!! WHITE VISOR!!! PLEASE! Otherwise I cannot see anything!!!"

*Heidfeld pats Massa on the head*

Heidfeld: "Felipe baby stay cool! We are bringing you the white visor! Stay cool!"


Leave me alone I'm on Smoko
"...piece of advice number 1, always wear your helemt you never know whats going to fly off someone elses car"


Karting amateur
FM: Dude, why are you shaking my helmet.
NH: Because I can't contain my excitement?
FM: Why? It can't be that bloody exciting.
NH: It is
FM: Well can you tell me and then stop?
NH: ExtremeNinja has 999 likes and rumour has it that this photo will be the source of hs 1000th
FM: Raaaaagggghhhh!!!!! Woooo hooooo! That's what Im talking about! Thank you boys.
NH: Filipe, is that you in there?
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