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Melton Mowbray was the UK production centre of Pedigree Pet Foods in the 1960s, I don't know the current situation but I do know that it is now owned by Mars. A good match.:sick:


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Been a while since this thread was alive so I though I would revisit it. Since my doubt of flu in January, which saw me in hospital for 3 days, I've been making a bir more effort to exercise and live a bit better. The stay in hospital cured my smoking and I now swim, cycle, run and do a variety of other exercises in the gym at the bottom of my garden. This weekend I did a 5k Park Run, not in a great time but it's getting quicker, and 10 miles on the bike.

The bizarre thing is, despite all the extra exercise I'm taking, my weight hasn't dropped much beyond what I lost in hospital (about 14lb) but I have lost over 3 inches from round the waist and I'm told muscle weighs more than fat but the scales don't move :(


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Well done FB
I'm too bloody idle and too many years of abuse to change in a hurry. Although this spring cold / hayfever is pissing me off enough to consider stopping the fags again...

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Don't worry about not losing weight at this early stage FB, once all your fat has gone your weight will follow unless you start body building.


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Well done you FB!! Yes muscle does weigh more than fat I believe so the scales won't show any change. The main thing is you're fitter and healthier than you were. We all tend to take our health for granted, often you only realise that when it's too late.
As someone with a long term and really debilitating health issue (I won't bore you with the details) I know that watching what you eat and trying to keep as active as you can is very important.


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My daughter has recently started running (a month or two), probably because of FOMO (both me and my wife run) :D

I'm happy to encourage her though - it will do wonders for her cardio and provide a good foundation for her health as she grows.

She did her first sub 30 minute 5K today - not bad for a 9 year old with a floppy/flattened windpipe (congenital - she was born with it).

If she carries on, I dread to think what the crossover will be when she's faster than me - no more than a few years I expect.


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I've got a ticket for the Brighton Half Marathon end of Feb, but still haven't run more than 10K for years. Unlikely I'll make it. But, love a 5-10K run, do a bit of gym, play cricket in the summer and have recently got back in athletics. Aiming to compete in the British Masters (Master = old git - you’re in the 'Masters' at 35, with age groups every five years onwards) this summer in the high jump, perhaps hurdles and javelin.


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I wasn't too bad at long jump. I competed at County level as a junior with a best finish of 9th.

I always enjoyed athletics but my enthusiasm was no cover for a complete lack of talent in 99 percent of the disciplines.


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Until the age of 16 I was a dam good 1500m and cross country runner. Represented my county and stuff. 4:32 I seem to think was my PB. Alas at 16 I discovered fags, booze and rock n roll. I laugh off the fact that one of the guys I used to reg beat in the under 15 age group went on to win a medal at the Commonwealth games. Ha ha ha ha (gutted).
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