Has Campos already bit the dust?

So what is this now, the 5th or 6th team which has changed names/hands/withdrawn since the entry list was announced a few months ago?

I thought it wasn't permitted to apply for a slot only to sell it on?
But the FIA can't do anything to Campos if he does sell on the team... he's not an FIA licencee! If they ban him for life then its gonna get thrown out by any court he wishes to attempt to overturn it in!
All the other perfectly good, ligitimate bidders who just happened not to chose the Cosworth engine will be more than a little p*ssed by this development. >:(
All I have read is that part interest may be sold. Where can I read about the team changing hands?
The link in the first post states: "The report said owner Adrian Campos is looking at either partly or completely selling the team before the Bahrain season opener"

So it could be a change of ownership if the whole team is sold.
Autosport says that Tony Teixeira of A1GP is thinking of buying part interest, not the entire team.
The article has made the BBC!

We will be on the grid - Campos.

My favourite line is:

Sources say another option for Campos would be to sell to Serbian Zoran Stefanovich, who is trying to set up a team called Stefan Grand Prix.

Dallara say they have recieved all their payments from Campos, and that a second driver will be announced shortly. Looks like Campos is still fighting! (As is Stefan F1!)
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