FB's totally (un)objective review of the current F1 driver line up

Ferrari didn't exactly fly with Fernando there did they?

Yeah I mean if the goal of Ferrari is just to be near the front and win once in a while, then they could go with any driver. I mean it's not looking like they can win a championship with any driver.
Just on a note, the commentators have made a great todo on the 5 British GP wins, which has stood for 50 years, it has taken Lewis Hamilton 9 years to do what Jim Clark did in 5 with a more reliable car over the period, run off areas and aero. I know it's difficult to compare eras but Lewis is still alive as Jim Clark would have been if the run off areas were similar and hadn't driven in a useless F2 event​
Yeah I mean if the goal of Ferrari is just to be near the front and win once in a while

That's what they did with Fernando and I think wanting a championship was why they made they decision to swap him out for Vettel. A 4 times world champion who currently leads the drivers title.

Alonso is a good driver but I Don't see how anyone can argue Ferrari would do better with him when we've seen that they Don't. Being a lead driver is more than just turning up on the track.

Anyways you threw out the fishing rod and I bit. You can throw me back in the water now.
For those in the know, if you take my 8 from 20 as being worthy of the title of "Best Drivers in the World" who, either from the recent past or in the lower formulae, should get a seat in F1? Kubica? Ollie Rowland? Charles le Clerc? There is one driver who has a race win under his belt but is sitting on the side lines and that's Pastor Maldonado.
I think it's hard to argue against LeClerc getting a chance in F1 right now. I'd chuck Alex Albon in there for a go too.

I always though Robyn Frinjs deserved a shot but that ship might have sailed.

Sebastian Buemi is one of the best drivers in the world at the moment so if that's the aim he should be brought back in.
Do you mean Hamilton isn't as good as he's made out to be, as he was beaten by both Button and Rosberg... :o
A controversial statement, unless we consider all the circumstances.
and against one and against the other Hamilton was higher in 2 seasons out of three.
He was below only in those seasons when a number of technical problems were much greater than that of the partner.
And if you compare the number of pole positions, wins in the joint seasons,
Hamilton was significantly ahead of teammates.
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