Grand Prix du Canada


Well this weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the Canadian GP.

Weather: Thunderstorms/Showers expected

Laps: 70

ITV Schedule: Saturday17.15-19.15 Qualifying. Sunday 17.05-20.05 Race

Last Years Result: 1) Hamilton, 2) Heidfeld, 3) Wurz, 4) Kovalainen 5) Raikkonen, 6) Sato, 7) Alonso, 8) Ralf Schumacher
Looking forward to this one.

If the weather is changeable then so much the better.
It will hopefully stop it from being a procession with the pole-sitter taking the flag, whoever that may be.
It;s funny with all the Max stuff this week it's easy to forget there's a GP too! What I find great about F1 this year is that I really haven't got a clue who's going to win at Montreal. It could so easily be any one of at least 5 or 6 drivers. In the past, despite the fact there's always that element of randomness, there were usually 2 or 3 drivers at most who stood much chance of winning - particularly during the (incredibly dull to me) Schumi years. OK so there are 3 drivers who are most likely - but Heikki, Quick Nick, or RK are all in with a decent chance and I'd really like to see on of them win.
Wow! Just finished watching the qualifying.
What an interesting first 3 rows.

Should be a great race tomorrow, assuming of course it isn't cancelled due to the track break-up problems....
Yet another race ruined by the safety car

Why did CW wait so long to deploy it after Sutil's breakdown?
He could have deployed it at least 5 minutes earlier thereby avoiding the impending pit window :crazy:

Dreadful error by Hamilton though and even if there hadn't been an incident he would have been in 3d place on the track behind Raikkonen and Kubica.

I hope they come up with a better solution for the SC next season.
It doesn't seem fair that leads of any size can be eroded at a stroke and race results changed because of it.
I really enjoyed the race but that was a weird accident by Hamilton... aren't the cars limited to 60 mph during the pit lane, so why couldn't he stop?

10 place penalty! IMHO a bit severe.
Well chuffed for Kubica and DC though and a wide open championship. Yipee!!! :D

Bring on France
I suspect he had a bit of red mist after seeing his 1st place suddenly turn into a 3rd place and was focussing on just getting back on to the track as quickly as possible.
He then saw the red light/realised the 2 cars in front were stationary, hit the brakes, the front left locked and he tried to steer down the side of Kimi but didn't quite make it...

Agree that the penalty is quite severe and they decided fairly quickly, barely a few hours after the race had finished.

Definitely good for the WDC though.

Interestingly Hamilton, Raikkonen and Massa have 2 wins each but Kubica with just 1 is leading the championship.
It was pretty elementary. LH did not look at what was going on in front of him. If you watch the video, the kid is looking down into his cockpit and only looks up and to the right once he has hit Kimi. Gotta feel sorry for Rosberg though.

good observation brogan. its truly scary when you look at the list of DNF this season. i think the average is about 2 per driver for the races so far. really odd... don't think its a reliability issue so it must be padabooms.
Missing some of the big guns - Auto, Gordon and Boiled, to name a few (plus Maverick, of course), and others - just need to keep chipping away and advertising where possible.
bogaTYR said:
thanks jenov... i will. but i see most of the good ones here already! is auto here too?
Sadly no, He did reply to one of my posts and stated he wouldn't be joining.

It would be great if we could get Auto, GM and the others here too.
Perhaps he may reconsider if (when?) the board becomes more popular.

P.S. Welcome to the board :thumb:
silly person auto... i'll drop a teaser to him. see what gives.

hmm... this is odd. already wrote 3 or 4 posts and still no one called me Hamilton hater, very odd indeed :twisted:
bogaTYR said:
hmm... this is odd. already wrote 3 or 4 posts and still no one called me Hamilton hater, very odd indeed :twisted:
I'm going to put that phrase in the swear filter.... lol
good idea!

it drives me nuts on 606. you write an article stating 'at times i don't understand lewis' and you get a flame war! i ended up being called a ferrari fan while my heart lies with orange cars. the insult!!
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