Caption Competition Graham Hill 200711


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As we all know, things were better years ago. And so this week's caption competition is a classic:


I'm not going to mandate a maximum number of entries per entrant, but please be sensible!
Engineer - Sucks air through teeth "I can get it done for you tomorrow mate, any sooner is going to cost you extra"
GH: "I say old bean, don't look now, but there's a cad of a paparazzo out the front. Quick, let's shake hands to appear to look like we're friends!"

And they say Lewis was the first to commercial niceties....

"You won't believe this, old biscuit. The FIA are having a meeting about whether we can vote for ourselves. Who do you think's going to win?"
Well, me of course"
"I've just had a chat with a nice chap called Ecclestone who says he wants to buy your team Jack. I told him he wouldn't amount to anything and sent him on his way!"
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