GPDA open letter

Precisely c_a_t.

The drivers come off fairly naive in that letter, largely ignoring the fact that their own teams acquiesced to this structure by cutting lucrative side-deals with Bernie and Co.
But isn't this cunning reverse psychology by the Drivers in using their naivety as a masquerade the fact the issue is they've written the letter in the first place?

I'm not sure anybody knows precisely whom this letter was penned for and what it was meant to achieve.

The ONLY thing that could well and truly change the nature of modern F1 is if it somehow changed ownership. CVC simply doesn't care about the sport and they have no interest in selling because nobody will pay the exorbitant price they require.
I think he's pointing out that drivers are implying 'the best intentions' are for the good of the sport where as Bernie is implying it should read 'their best intentions' as in doing it for the best of themselves.

I agree CaT - just couldn't find the right words today.

Hate to say it... but even more kudos for BE to admit to everybody's self-interest and wrap it in (what I see) as a cheeky swipe / closing shot at the drivers as he signs off.
if f1 ceased to exist tomorrow, the drivers would be ok. Bernie would ne ok. The FIA would be ok. Jean Todt would be ok. Most of the team senior figures would be ok. Heck, even I would survive. Many employees of the machine, team workers, circuit workers etc, would be in trouble.

so maybe someone should think about the several thousand employees around the world when thinking about the importance of the longevity of the sport.
Is there any question this letter has backfired and been a complete disaster?

I mean, did anyone doubt the drivers wanted to drive on the coolest tracks in the world anyway?

Ecclestone and Todt will not be seen as kow-towing to the rabble-rousers.
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