An open letter to Bernie Ecclestone

Looks like Ecclestone isn't too impressed with FB's letter...


Until people stop watching F1 and switch to other forms of motorsport (in droves), nothing will change.

The thread I posted asking why people still watch it, even when they hate it, is proof that people will watch no matter what.
If Bernie puts everything behind a pay wall that will come to pass as a matter of course. The nice people at Sky sent me a letter the other day putting my subscription up by 8% and I am now reviewing what I actually need.

As a complete aside, the crowd in Bahrain was interesting as it seemed to be totally made up of ex-pats.
He says it's all about saving fuel and tyres now but I remember in the mid-80's when they brought in fuel limits to limit the turbo beasts of the era, it still produced great racing. The drivers of those cars had to save fuel and tyres, knowing when to conserve and when to attack.

It's all very well Flav having a pop but much like Bernie's more recent 'best friend forever', Christian Horner, neither are in a position where Bernard needs to give a flying chuff about their opinions.

Plus, everytime you see Flav, you think Singapore and stop listening to what he considers real racing to be.
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However in this case I find myself agreeing with the guy, :o.
Something has gone wrong in the space time continuum.!
Jean Todt wants an external consultant to help sort out F1, I'm available for a very modest fee.

“A lot of work has been done, we have been doing some working groups, an enquiry with an external consultant, with the technical and sporting people, so I think we will have a quite clear situation to discuss about.”

See this is where they are just fools, of course this boring of most boring seasons would be fixed with increasing the engine allocation from 4 to 5.

The problem with all this is asking the teams to provide & agree to ideas knowing it could see their revenue reduce is never going to work, they'll just go with the self serving decision step in "what is best for my Team" without thinking of the greater good of F1..
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