Formula 2 GP2 2016 Championship


Matsushita has hardly endorsed himself to make Honda force Mclaren to get him a seat in F1 next year

Gasly or should I say Ghastly seems to find the pressure of filling potentially Max Verstappen's shoes in Toro Rosso too much which is a reprieve for Kyvat who deserves a better break than he is getting on race day

So Giovinazzi completed the full house this week to be suddenly is a title contender
Did anyone see the amazing race one in Austria? That race had everything.

Always quite like Markalov but dropping it into the pit barrier was beyond stupid.

Found myself cheering Giovanazi on. Would be nice to see a rookie win GP2 again.
oh yeah absolutely loved it & giovinazzi is quite surprise because pre baku he had 0pts & took both wins ended up 3rd. but as I mentioned on the f1 thread GP2 is in danger of becoming the best races of the weekend because Baku & Austria where fantastic
and just when Gasly was running away with Gp2 with rumours Red Bull might fast track him to Toro Rosso and replace Kyvat...he gets disqualified on safety grounds because his fire extinguisher was empty:o:s how an earth did his team mess that one up ?

Almost unnoticed Sergey Sirotkin is now in contention having won the feature and found consistency to go with speed and now only 6pts behind Gasly who starts from the back of the grid in the sprint race
Alex Lynn has won the sprint race which is a nice timely reminder to Williams but I dont think he will get it unless he becomes Gp2 champion for which he is a long way behind
They trying to reduce the weight?

It went off during the race (you saw it in the footage) but he kept going. By the end of the race it was empty and therefore he was disqualified. Stupidest penalty ever.

Great weekend of GP2 racing!
Alex Lynn has won the sprint race which is a nice timely reminder to Williams but I dont think he will get it unless he becomes Gp2 champion for which he is a long way behind

I don't know whether its bad luck or he's off the boil but I wouldn't take lynn if I was to take a British dtiver as I would take oliver Rowland as he has really impressed me. Because lynn is in top team with an extra yr experience but it Rowland a rookie (despite reigning FR3.5 champ) in traditional midfield/backmarker team & he's challenging for the title

What a brilliant couple of races. As ive said F1 needs to be worried because GP2 is fast becoming the highlight of the weekend. Just some fantastic racing. Proving that less aero & these big tyres should be the way to go but I'm going off topic Serotkin what a drive. Yes the degradation was huge so it helped him pull it off. That was as proved in race 2 when marcello was 3.5secs quicker a lap (new options > used primes) So a 2 stop was quicker than the usual mandatory 1 stop

The title race is closest, most open single seater series. Ive known for a long with 5 drivers all with the talent to be in formula 1 next season separated by 20pts
I was expecting Lynn to be do a lot better than where he was now and considering remember he was Gasly's teammate last year and beat him on countback

I can't remember when GP2 was so open as this year . I do think Rowland is doing an amazing job in a team which has no championship pedigree previously

I did not rate Gasly but suddenly after he's had a test in a Toro Rosso he's suddenly come alive
Just to put Rowland's performance into perspective he is on the verge of scoring more points this season than his team have scored in all its other GP2 seasons combined.
He needs a good PR manager because everyone has been talking about Ocon to Renault unless Perez leaves Force India which may change the drivers market
Finally Gasly got the title! What will be about his future?
Alas, in 2017 the Scudería Ferrari will support Prema GP2 team... Leclerc and Fuoco are confirmed for them next year.
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