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An interesting race with a few talking points the most obvious being Lewis Hamilton's victory but what else caught your eye for our traditional review of the good things and bad things at the Spanish GP?

Good things:

Lewis Hamilton putting together some cracking laps to close down a 22 second gap and take the lead of the race. We always want to see a battle for the lead and here we had one.

Max Verstappen's start. Let's face it, if Max hadn't made a great start and muscled his way through this race would have been a Mercedes walk over. As it was, the tacticians were earning their corn and we had a good battle.

Bad things:

Driver standards - Far too many last minute movements in the breaking zone into turn one. Not entirely sure what Tsunado thought he was up to getting in and out of the car. All a bit karting out there at times today.

The three WC Amigos - 12th, 13th and 17th. Just retire chaps..... Pleeeeaasseee.

Over to you.
good thing.

it was entertaining by Spanish GP standards. we were coming up for nearly a decade for the last race was entertaining

the season is carrying on being a cracker. i believe we are living in the midst of a season will be talking about for years. & seasons that 2017 & 18 could've been

bad things

chicane is still there

that you just cant overtake in catalunya. how many more years do have suffer this race / & or configuration. perez & bottas were a second a lap faster than the people in front in 3rd & 5th. couldnt get past 45 laps it took perez

Vettel i dont think anyone has won a title 8 yrs after there last. he weirdly been brought for off track reasons. alonso feels like the old boxing saying become an old man overnight. they shouldve put Zhou in the car i thought at the time it was madness. Kimi i thought was decent race finishing in 12th

red bull strategy people need to go back agressive as they gone defensive & its cost them big time
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